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$1.1 Billion and 3 NBA Championships: Leadership Lessons

posted by Joshua on May 1, 2017 in, Leadership
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My story today, “$1.1 Billion and 3 NBA Championships: Leadership Lessons,” stems from my interviewing basketball legend Byron Scott and business mogul Charles Norris, on their new book, Slam-Dunk Success: Leading From Every Position on the Court.

Meeting them and getting solo time together to talk about leadership, growth, and learning was tremendous.

The story begins

$1.1 Billion and 3 NBA Championships: Leadership Lessons

A Chairman of the Board and an NBA champion player and coach take on improving you as a leader in their new book

As the crowd dissipated from the basketball court from their New York City launch event for their book Slam-Dunk Success: Leading From Every Position on Life’s Court, Byron Scott and Charles Norris answered the questions everyone asked them:

How did the two of you combine forces to write this book?

What makes this book different than others?

They seem an unlikely pair. Having written a book on leadership myself that’s critical of the traditional approach of many leadership books, I was skeptical.

One of them, Charles, grew up a Celtics fan and worked his way from bagging groceries to become CEO and Chairman of the Board of several companies, selling or IPOing for billions of dollars.

The other, Byron, won three NBA championships with the Showtime Lakers, coached the New Jersey Nets to two NBA finals, and won Coach of the Year with the New Orleans Hornets.

These are just the beginnings of their differences.

Read the rest at $1.1 Billion and 3 NBA Championships: Leadership Lessons.

Byron Scott Chuck Norris Slam-Dunk Success review by Joshua Spodek

Byron Scott and Charles Norris’s book, Slam-Dunk Success, reviewed by Joshua Spodek

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