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Cheetah extinction, the Earth’s carrying capacity, and how many kids you want

on December 31, 2016 in Nature

News a few days ago said the cheetah is approaching extinction. As the BBC wrote in “Cheetahs heading towards extinction as population crashes,” The sleek, speedy cheetah is rapidly heading towards extinction according to a new study into declining numbers. The report estimates that there are just 7,100 of the world’s fastest mammals now left in the wild. Cheetahs are in trouble because they range far beyond protected areas and[…] Keep reading →

Listen to John Ramstead of Eternal Leadership’s podcast of me

on December 30, 2016 in Audio, Leadership

I was honored to be a guest of John Ramstead—Former Navy Fighter Pilot, Leadership Coach, international Podcast Host and Author of Top 100 Leadership Blog for Executives, Managers and CEOs–in his Eternal Leadership podcast, which he posted today. Here’s the link to the podcast. Here’s John’s podcast page image: Here’s John: A few words about this extraordinary man: What sets John Ramstead apart from other coaches? His extraordinary military record[…] Keep reading →

Redefining possibility: This 85-year-old marathoner runs faster than you

on December 29, 2016 in Fitness, Models

I remember people telling me as a kid that it was inevitable to get fat when you turned 30 or 40. When you’re young, you believe grown-ups. Sadly, you don’t know that they’re just telling you beliefs they’ve told themselves to excuse their mediocrity or having chosen ice cream and cookies in their two options in life. Sadder still, if people rise to the level expected of them, as I[…] Keep reading →

This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums: Museum Hack will change how you visit them forever.

on December 28, 2016 in Art, Entrepreneurship,

My post today, “This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums,” begins This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums Museum Hack will change how you visit them forever. Did you grow up bored with museums too? Grown-ups talked about them like they were an adventure but they made them feel like history class for old people. Times have changed! An entrepreneur and his team have transformed museums into exciting, vigorous, personalized adventures where you[…] Keep reading →

Things it’s a mistake to separate

on December 27, 2016 in Perception

If you separate the following things, I think you’re making a mistake: Work and life If you’re trying to balance work and life, I think you made a bigger mistake in separating them, even if you balance them somehow. You don’t stop living when you’re at work and why would you stop working in “regular” life outside of work if you love what you do for work. You love your[…] Keep reading →

The success of leaders grading themselves

on December 26, 2016 in Education, Leadership

Some teachers ask students to grade peers. Some ask for student input on grading. I go further. Radical self-grading I have students in my leadership courses grade themselves—not just give some input. They choose their grades. Moreover, I tell them that I will defend to the administration that they deserve them even if they all give themselves A’s. I also add that this loyalty and defense requires backup from them.[…] Keep reading →

A leadership lesson Hillary Clinton supporters could learn from Nelson Mandela

on December 25, 2016 in Leadership

A few weeks ago, while working on a video shoot waiting for the people to be recorded to arrive, a friend mentioned how he expected the women to be more likely to wear makeup. A woman on the shoot called him misogynist. I asked what was misogynist about what he said. She said the expectation that women had to wear makeup. I pointed out that he didn’t say anything about[…] Keep reading →

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