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2,500 Blog Posts and What I Learned Writing Them

posted by Joshua on March 3, 2017 in Habits,, SIDCHAs
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My Inc. article today, “2,499 Blog Posts and What I Learned Writing Them,” began

2,499 Blog Posts and What I Learned Writing Them

Today will mark my 2,500th blog post, without missing a day since January 2011

2,225 days ago, on January 29th, 2011, I wrote my first blog post of a daily streak I have continued to today and expect to continue until I can’t.

WordPress users will recognize this screen shot:

2500 posts on WordPress

My next post, which will be a reference to this article, will make 2,500. Here is my archive listing them all.

In the beginning…

When I started, I thought I had maybe a dozen ideas to share. I didn’t think how far I’d get, but figured I’d run out of posts soon. I didn’t know much about the software or how to use it.

The best measure I had of my writing quality before starting was my friends’ review of a draft of a book. They described it as painful to read, though they liked the ideas.

Read the rest at 2,499 Blog Posts and What I Learned Writing Them.

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