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Category Archives: Audio

The Benefits of Experiential Learning for Leaders with Rocket Scientist Joshua Spodek

posted by Joshua on February 21, 2017 in Audio, Awareness, Education, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Habits, Leadership, Perception

Mark Bidwell, founder and podcast host of Innovation Ecosystem, posted today a wonderful interview about Leadership Step by Step, experiential learning, exercises, and more. I can only describe Mark as someone who gets it. He ascended the corporate ladder, where he drove innovation, built teams, and so on, then found there was more to life[…] Keep reading →

The One Way Ticket Show podcast: the American Revolution and Leadership

posted by Joshua on February 15, 2017 in Audio, Choosing/Decision-Making, Freedom, Leadership

Steven Shalowitz, host of The One Way Ticket Show podcast, posted yesterday our interview, “Josh’s one way ticket is back to this historic time in American history,” which covers the time in history I would choose to go to if I could magically go there with no chance to return, as well as Leadership Step[…] Keep reading →

Listen to my second Join Up Dots podcast interview with David Ralph!

posted by Joshua on February 6, 2017 in Audio, Leadership

Today, David Ralph of the Join Up Dots podcast, posted our second interview, “Finding Passion Through Leadership.” He interviewed me in January 2015 in my first podcast interview, “A Man Who Thrives One Step After Anxiety,” his 271st podcast. Today’s interview is his 653rd. In the intervening two years we’ve both developed and the new[…] Keep reading →

The Leadership Podcast interviewed me. What great interviewers!

posted by Joshua on February 1, 2017 in Audio, Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Models

The Leadership Podcast—hosted by Jan Rutherford and Jim Vaselopulos—posted their interview of me today, “What An Ivy League Degree Can’t Teach You.” Jan and Jim have clear passions and experience for leadership and interviewing. Their questions got to the heart of what I teach, what my book, Leadership Step by Step, is about, my goals[…] Keep reading →

Listen to John Ramstead of Eternal Leadership’s podcast of me

posted by Joshua on December 30, 2016 in Audio, Leadership

I was honored to be a guest of John Ramstead—Former Navy Fighter Pilot, Leadership Coach, international Podcast Host and Author of Top 100 Leadership Blog for Executives, Managers and CEOs–in his Eternal Leadership podcast, which he posted today. Here’s the link to the podcast. Here’s John’s podcast page image: Here’s John: A few words about[…] Keep reading →