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Category Archives: Audio

How you learn is as important as what you learn, part 1

posted by Joshua on March 12, 2017 in Audio, Education, Leadership

The concept that how you learn is as important as what you learn is one of the fundamental principles behind my change from teaching through traditional educational and coaching techniques that may challenge and develop students and clients intellectually, but stagnate emotionally and socially. Leadership, entrepreneurship, influence, persuasion, and much of human relations are fundamentally[…] Keep reading →

A formative story of how I cried in college in a thoughtful, open interview

posted by Joshua on March 11, 2017 in Audio, Leadership

Jaime Jay hosts the Stop Riding the Pine podcast, meaning don’t live like you’re on the bench of a team competition. Get in the game. Yesterday he posted our interview. He brought a lot out of me. A signature part of his podcast is to ask the guest for a breakaway moment in life, when[…] Keep reading →

A more personal podcast interview with Jared Angaza

posted by Joshua on March 2, 2017 in Audio, Awareness, Freedom, Leadership

I comment these days that I’m becoming friends with the people interviewing me in podcasts and Jared Angaza’s interview of me, “Do the Thing,” is a perfect example. I’ve also said lately that if you put yourself out for public scrutiny, to succeed you can either create a persona and act like it or you[…] Keep reading →

The Benefits of Experiential Learning for Leaders with Rocket Scientist Joshua Spodek

posted by Joshua on February 21, 2017 in Audio, Awareness, Education, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Habits, Leadership, Perception

Mark Bidwell, founder and podcast host of Innovation Ecosystem, posted today a wonderful interview about Leadership Step by Step, experiential learning, exercises, and more. I can only describe Mark as someone who gets it. He ascended the corporate ladder, where he drove innovation, built teams, and so on, then found there was more to life[…] Keep reading →

The One Way Ticket Show podcast: the American Revolution and Leadership

posted by Joshua on February 15, 2017 in Audio, Choosing/Decision-Making, Freedom, Leadership

Steven Shalowitz, host of The One Way Ticket Show podcast, posted yesterday our interview, “Josh’s one way ticket is back to this historic time in American history,” which covers the time in history I would choose to go to if I could magically go there with no chance to return, as well as Leadership Step[…] Keep reading →