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A catalog of inner monologue thoughts

posted by Joshua on May 3, 2017 in Awareness, Evolutionary Psychology, Exercises

If you pay attention to your inner monologue, as the exercise I call The Most Effective Self-Awareness Exercise I Know leads you to, you’ll notice patterns. Songs get stuck in your head. You judge people. You judge yourself. You try to figure out the best order to do things in. You play out arguments you[…] Keep reading →

Cockroaches and equality

posted by Joshua on September 30, 2015 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Evolutionary Psychology, Stories

A couple weeks ago I was in NYU’s “eLab,” a space that promotes entrepreneurship. Besides a few administrators who work there, it’s mostly students there, mainly connected with tech startups. That morning there weren’t many people there. I sat on a couch near the entrance and the staircase downstairs. Twenty or thirty feet away, across[…] Keep reading →

Language, communication, evolutionary psychology, and leadership

posted by Joshua on August 1, 2015 in Awareness, Evolutionary Psychology, Leadership, Models, Nature

A client who knows I’ve applied a lot from evolutionary psychology to leadership and self-awareness wrote: What’s your opinion of the theory that language serves primarily as persuasion? In its raw form, I’m currently telling you that you are an authority by asking a question. And that sentence might seem like it’s an authoritative statement,[…] Keep reading →

Calling emotions negative is like calling fire or pain negative

posted by Joshua on March 19, 2015 in Awareness, Evolutionary Psychology, Nature, Nonjudgment, Perception

People describe anger, depression, and many other emotions as negative or bad, as if they don’t want them in their lives. They’re useful! They motivate you to change what causes them, generally things in your environments and beliefs. What causes them is conflict between yourself and others, internal conflict, and wanting the world to change,[…] Keep reading →

Insightful BBC video on mental models, beliefs, and how your mind perceives

posted by Joshua on March 14, 2015 in Evolutionary Psychology, Models, Nature, Perception

If you like my perspective on being human and our place in the world, I recommend watching the videos of James Burke from BBC. They’re mostly available on YouTube. I first saw his series Connections and The Day The Universe Changed in the 80s on PBS. I watch them again periodically. His work is some[…] Keep reading →

How different beliefs lead people with identical motivational systems to behave differently

posted by Joshua on February 26, 2015 in Evolutionary Psychology, Models, Nature, Perception

We all have similar emotional systems, so why do we behave so differently? I illustrated below how people who have identical drives and emotional systems with only different beliefs can end up behaving differently yet feeling internally the same. I plan to represent it more graphically and pretty, but this is where I am so[…] Keep reading →

I like judging people

posted by Joshua on December 12, 2014 in Awareness, Evolutionary Psychology, Nature, Nonjudgment

I write a lot about judgment and non-judgmental behavior. I won’t lie. I like to judge people. I decide whom I consider valuable or not, whom I think looks good or not, or has taste or social skills and so on. People seem mortified after doing the exercise in “The most effective self-awareness exercise I[…] Keep reading →