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I rowed a marathon today

on February 27, 2019 in Fitness, Habits

Three weeks ago, inspired by an Olympic gold medalist and Crossfit Games champion podcast guest, I rowed my first half-marathon. Before then, I don’t think I had rowed more than 7,500 meters at once, and even that distance happened probably five years ago. But the inspiration came from seeing the Crossfit competitors rowing a marathon, not a half marathon, so the I knew I had to go the distance one[…] Keep reading →

My famous no-packaging vegetable stew formula, take 2

on January 3, 2019 in Habits, Nature

Following take 1, where I answered my friend’s mom question, “Hi Josh, My son says you make an awesome vegetable stew with seasonal produce. Is there a formula for it?”, she wrote back: I did it!!  I got an instant pot and I made a simple stew with: Lentils, acorn squash, kale, spinach, garlic and some Braggs seasoning.  I added some nutritional yeast later and topped it off with chopped[…] Keep reading →

A sidcha to improve your writing

on December 31, 2018 in Habits, SIDCHAs

My publisher recommended an exercise to help write concisely, which she found at a page called Very Good Copy in an article called This exercise will train you to write more concisely. It says, “If your goal is to write tighter copy — copy that says more in fewer words — try this 15-minute exercise. . . rewrite a Wikipedia paragraph to a third of its original length (e.g., edit[…] Keep reading →

Americans are more disciplined than I am. By a lot.

on December 7, 2018 in Habits

Walking back from a farmers market with some fresh Brussels sprouts, I can’t believe how indulgent my life is. I meant just to drop off my compost, but they looked so delicious, I couldn’t resist. People call me disciplined, but amid my indulgence, relative to Americans, I’m not. When it comes to voluntary choices to live by one’s passions. Americans across the board sacrifice more and devote more resources to[…] Keep reading →

Seth Godin caught my scarcity mindset

on November 19, 2018 in Awareness, Habits

Chatting with Seth Godin before recording the last week’s podcast episode, I shared with him how I keep secret the incredible ingredient I love cooking with—peanut flour. It’s nearly the last packaged food I still buy, though I’ve found a mill that I think I can crank it out with my hands from peanuts. I haven’t shared why I like it so much, but I make some of the most[…] Keep reading →

Now that we see orange juice like soda, I predict olive oil to join

on November 16, 2018 in Habits, Nature

When I grew up, people considered orange juice healthy. Now I think people who looked it up generally agree that orange juice makers removed the oranges’ nutrition, leaving what nutritionally resembles soda more. OJ may have some vitamin C, but when did you last hear of someone you know getting scurvy? Removing the fiber from a food usually removes most of its nutrition, which is why I’ll still eat orange’s[…] Keep reading →

“17 Creative Weekend Routines For a Happier, More Successful Week,” including plogging

on October 30, 2018 in Fitness, Habits, Tips

Thrive Global featured me and my plogging habit in the subheading. I recommend trying it. My picking up trash has led others to start doing it too, and to find they enjoy it. One even claimed she was dirt-phobic before doing it. 17 Creative Weekend Routines For a Happier, More Successful Week Stargazing, “plogging,” rom-com marathons –– which of these activities will put gas in your tank this weekend? Here’s[…] Keep reading →

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