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The heart of my leadership technique in a 46 second video!

posted by Joshua on February 24, 2017 in, Leadership, Tips

On top of my column with Inc., I did a series of videos in their Inc. Video: The Playbook series. Other speakers in the series include Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins. Yesterday we posted a video of me: How to Get Your Employees to Work With Passion subtitled Joshua Spodek, author of Leadership Step By[…] Keep reading →

2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Days

posted by Joshua on January 31, 2017 in Blog, Habits,, SIDCHAs

My post Saturday, “2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Consecutive Days,” began 2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Consecutive Days What I learned in six years posting daily On January 29, 2011 I wrote the first blog post of an unbroken streak. Today finishes the sixth year. Tomorrow I’ll start year 7. Here’s the blog:,[…] Keep reading →

Broaden and Deepen Your Network Using This Simple Hack

posted by Joshua on January 10, 2017 in Exercises,, Leadership, Tips

Today on Inc., my fellow columnist, Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likable Media, followed up on my recent article about sending gratitude emails. He pointed out how the practice works beyond what we expected, since he promotes gratitude exercises too. Read the article to see how the practice led us to meet and immediately and easily[…] Keep reading →

A burpee app?

posted by Joshua on January 7, 2017 in Exercises, Fitness, Habits,, SIDCHAs, Tips

My 2,192 Days of Burpees post and Inc. article got a lot of responses, including questions how to start from people who felt inspired by this free, zero-equipment, zero-cost, low-risk, healthy, and so on practice. One reader asked if I could recommend an app. I wrote back Glad to hear from you and that you’re[…] Keep reading →

This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums: Museum Hack will change how you visit them forever.

posted by Joshua on December 28, 2016 in Art, Entrepreneurship,

My post today, “This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums,” begins This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums Museum Hack will change how you visit them forever. Did you grow up bored with museums too? Grown-ups talked about them like they were an adventure but they made them feel like history class for old people. Times have changed![…] Keep reading →

Leaders Listen: Crossing the Political Divide

posted by Joshua on December 22, 2016 in, Leadership

My article on yesterday, “Leaders Listen: Crossing the Political Divide,” followed up my recent post, “If You Voted for Trump, Let’s Meet,” which I recommend reading first. It sets up contacting people who supported Trump, a group barely represented around lower Manhattan, especially at NYU, where I teach. Yesterday’s post began: Leaders Listen: Crossing[…] Keep reading →