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My keynote at Sustainology 2019 (video)

on January 16, 2020 in Leadership, Nature

I gave the lead off keynote talk at the 9th annual Sustainology, hosted by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce at Citi’s headquarters in Tribeca, Manhattan on November 12, 2019. Sustainology’s mission “An Impact Unicorn is a disruptive company impacting over 1 billion people” Let’s measure the success of unicorn companies through impact instead of dollars! In a single day, ‘Sustainology Summit – One Billion’ will bring together and demonstrate[…] Keep reading →

Hear me on The Professional podcast with Gary Roth

on January 4, 2020 in Audio, Leadership, Nature

Gary Roth invited me to a conversation with him for his podcast, The Professional Podcast. Even if you’ve heard me on other people’s podcasts, you’ll hear how my messages on leadership and environmental leadership are evolving. First, here’s the conversation (or click for his site) About The Professional Podcast The Professional Podcast is dedicated to becoming the best at what you do. It’s about being the best at work, at[…] Keep reading →

See me on for one of my favorite interviews, “A Different Look at Climate Change”

on December 23, 2019 in Audio, Leadership, Nature

Yes, that’s Maga as in Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again,” and yes, I consider it one of my favorite interviews. To clarify, we spoke about the environment more generally than just climate. Watch and listen to our conversation’s other articles on climate criticize Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, the Green New Deal, and others. One article calls climate change: a hoax, folks. It is a get[…] Keep reading →

Stumbling to leadership

on December 18, 2019 in Leadership

Returning from speaking on environmental leadership where, while some pushed back and expressed skepticism, the organizers invited me back to speak again and most who approached me after said they found it inspirational, thought-provoking, and the like, I’m reminded of my first talks on leadership. About six months before launching the podcast, I gave a series of talks at NYU. Several told me they didn’t like my message, they tuned[…] Keep reading →

Hear me on the Leadership Happy Hour with USN Lt. Commander Chip Lutz

on December 2, 2019 in Audio, Leadership, Nature

First, a few words about the man who hosted me on this wonderful podcast. From his about page: Lieutenant Commander Chip Lutz, USN(Ret), MSEd, CSP, is the President and founder of Unconventional Leader, LLC and has 30 years of solid leadership experience. A retired Navy Officer, he has had two command tours and also served as the Director of Security for Naval District Washington, DC during September 11th 2001.  In[…] Keep reading →

Oprah, how obesity spreads, and the environment

on November 24, 2019 in Leadership, Nature

How obesity spreads You probably heard about a 2007 New England Journal of Medicine study, The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network Over 32 Years, implying that Obesity can spread from person to person, much like a virus, according to researchers. When one person gains weight, close friends tend to gain weight too as the New York Times stated in, Obesity spreads to friends, study concludes. It continued:[…] Keep reading →

My second TEDx talk, “What everyone gets wrong about the environment” and how to get it right

on November 7, 2019 in Events, Leadership, Nature, Stories

I am deeply grateful to the TEDxWaltham team for inviting me and hosting the event, October 5, 2019. Here’s the blurb: Josh shares his remarkable, radical, personal journey to more sustainable living — away from a standard American diet (and life) to his vegan, nearly package-free diet and away from a jet-setting lifestyle to not flying for 4.5 years and counting — and his profound discovery of a common misconception[…] Keep reading →

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