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038: RJ Khalaf, conversation 2: Making productive leaders from hopeless martyrs

on March 28, 2018 in Entrepreneurship, Freedom, Leadership, Podcast

RJ and I talk about the early success of LEAD Palestine, the organization he began to teach leadership to youths that most of the world abandoned in Palestine. Where their environment made it natural to respond with hopelessness and what comes from it—desperation to the point of aspiring to blow oneself up—RJ is bringing social and emotional development to create hope themselves. They happen to have been born into a[…] Keep reading →

Our first Leadership and the Environment Panel of Experts: April 3 at NYU

on March 27, 2018 in Audio, Events, Leadership, Nature, Podcast

Do you care about the environment? Do you care about leading? The Leadership and the Environment podcast NYU’s School of Liberal Studies invite you to improve both at a Panel of Leadership and Environment Experts Tuesday, April 3, 6pm – 8pm NYU Silver Building, 100 Washington Sq E (at Washington Sq N), room 405 Free, register here Featuring  Vincent Stanley Vincent, co-author with Yvon Chouinard of The Responsible Company, has[…] Keep reading →

TOMORROW: My webinar with LEADx, “Lead without authority”

on March 26, 2018 in Audio, Education, Events, Leadership

TOMORROW NOON eastern (9am pacific) see me live on the LEADx webinar, “Lead without authority.” LEADx told me that over 100 people have registered so far. It’s free, but you have to register. LEADx is important. They created Inc.’s annual influential list of 100 top public speakers (16 of whom have been on my podcast or I’ve been on theirs). We’ll cover a set of skills that will get you[…] Keep reading →

Chasing Coral and Personal Responsibility

on March 21, 2018 in, Leadership, Nature

Chasing Coral and Personal Responsibility A brilliant, important documentary on the environment viewed from a leadership and the environment perspective. The documentary Chasing Coral is emotionally evocative and hauntingly, tragically beautiful. I can see why it got its stellar reviews. I recommend it. While I support their goals, I hope it’s the last “Do as I say, not as I do” documentary. They undermine efforts to change people’s behavior to pollute less. Here’s the trailer:[…] Keep reading →

Roger Bannister, the 4-Minute Mile, and Leadership

on March 16, 2018 in, Leadership

Roger Bannister, the 4-Minute Mile, and Leadership We who strive for more can learn from the great athlete, no matter our field. The greatest lesson we can learn from the achievement of Roger Bannister, who broke the 4-minute mile in 1954 and who died at 88 yesterday, arises from someone else breaking his record only seven weeks later. And then many times since. Why? Because as great as his physical feat, it shows that his mental feat was[…] Keep reading →

The Future of Environmental Leadership

on March 14, 2018 in, Leadership, Nature

The Future of Environmental Leadership Want to lead? The opportunities to lead in the environment may be the best around. Hosting the Leadership and the Environment podcast has led to a lot of conversations on leadership and the environment. As an entrepreneur and adjunct professor of leadership, I talk to many who want to become leaders. Many shun working on the environment because they think it will distract from their career and leadership ambitions. They excuse[…] Keep reading →

Learn to lead without relying on authority: Two workshops this week. You’re invited.

on March 12, 2018 in Education, Events, Leadership, Nature

The Leadership and the Environment podcast team is growing, which means expanding to new ways to Develop people’s leadership and Act on the environment I’ve interviewed Ryan and Ben, the podcast’s newest teammates so you’ll get to meet them when their interviews get processed. In the meantime, we’ve organized two leadership development workshops THIS WEEK: Wednesday and Thursday, 6pm–8pm at NYU. Click these links to register and for the details,[…] Keep reading →

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