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It takes effort to learn to eat more vegetables and legumes

on November 15, 2017 in Nature, Perception

I grew up learning to avoid eating as much as I could or wanted. That is, I learned to try to stop eating before I was full. Eating became an exercise in self-restraint. It was hard. I don’t think I picked up this practice from my parents. I think it came from society. I think I learned to view food as unhealthy, all the more so the better it tasted.[…] Keep reading →

The Insanity of Taxpayer-Funded Addiction

on November 11, 2017 in Nature

I doubt anyone disagrees with the New York Times’ Editorial Board’s criticism in “The Insanity of Taxpayer-Funded Addiction,” of the pharmaceutical industry’s decades of promoting opioids, profiting from the addiction they’re contributing to, and the government subsidizing it. The editorial begins (my emphasis): The pharmaceutical industry was listed as one of the “Contributors to the Current Crisis” in the final report of President Trump’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and[…] Keep reading →

The benefits of flying without the costs

on November 9, 2017 in Awareness, Nature

My post in LinkedIn today, “The Benefits of Flying Without the Costs,” begins Airplanes have existed about a century and affordable for a few generations. Suggest to typical Americans not to fly and most will tell you it’s impossible. That’s a lie. I told myself the lie as much as anyone. Don’t get me wrong. I like traveling, but now I’m honest with what I like about it and get[…] Keep reading →

A Contrarian View of Invention

on November 6, 2017 in Creativity, Entrepreneurship,, Nature

My latest Inc. article, “A Contrarian View of Invention,” begins A Contrarian View of Invention We put innovation and invention on pedestals. Should we? I’ll start by pointing out that I have several patents to my name. I conceived of the inventions and wrote the patents. I have advanced degrees in science. I started several ventures. I’m not writing to brag or put patents or innovation down, just that I think I hold my own on innovation[…] Keep reading →

The Business Skills That Will Solve Global Warming

on October 31, 2017 in, Leadership, Nature

My Inc. post today, “The Business Skills That Will Solve Global Warming,” begins The Business Skills That Will Solve Global Warming Science and education got us far, but won’t get us to the finish line. We need to understand what motivates people and use it to change our behavior. As New York City prepares for another 74 degree November day this week, it’s getting harder to remember that warm weather isn’t climate. Sadly,[…] Keep reading →

I’m switching to eating the whole apple

on October 27, 2017 in Fitness, Nature, Perception

As much as I learned at West Point, the food wasn’t great. I don’t like food that doesn’t taste good, especially when it costs a lot, like at a hotel, so I don’t. The hotel happened to have a big bowl of apples in the lobby, so I ended up eating a couple in the morning for breakfast, then a couple more throughout the day to make up for avoiding[…] Keep reading →

We have to keep reminding ourselves that weather isn’t climate

on October 24, 2017 in Nature

It’s nearly 70 degrees and nearly November, with warmer days forecast: When I was younger… When I was younger, a warm day in winter was respite from the cold. Today such days are increasingly ominous. Weather isn’t climate, but we’re having more balmy New Year’s Eves and hurricanes threatening Ireland than cold 4ths of July. It motivates me to lower my emissions. I hope others too.