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Do you research how much water certain produce requires to grow?

on March 31, 2020 in Awareness, Nature

Someone asked on a message board, “Do you research how much water certain produce requires to grow?” I responded: Yes. At the beginning, when I felt obligated to act and it felt a burden, I avoided learning new things, feeling if I kept learning, there’d be nothing left and I’d feel guilty eating anything. As I practiced more, met the farmers behind my CSAs and farmers markets, and learned how[…] Keep reading →

Would you take piano lessons from someone who breaks pianos with a sledgehammer but doesn’t play?

on March 30, 2020 in Nature

Would you take piano lessons from someone who breaks pianos with a sledgehammer but doesn’t play? Does it matter how many books on music theory that person read? If they don’t play but only break pianos, you probably are going to learn more how to break pianos than to play them. If you learn anything about the piano, it will probably be theory at best. Then don’t take advice on[…] Keep reading →

My Bronx cooking demonstration video

on March 26, 2020 in Fitness, Nature

Did I mention before the virus that I accepted an invitation to show how I cook my famous no-packaging vegetable stews in the Bronx? I believe cooking this way is simple and accessible to anyone. I brought the ingredients, my pressure cooker, and my knife and chopping board by subway to this community group’s potluck dinner. We met in a church, where I showed how I make the stews. I[…] Keep reading →

Covid-19: Addiction to flying and other polluting behavior was a lack of motivation and imagination

on March 21, 2020 in Nature, Perception

In two days I begin my fifth year not flying. I estimate talking to about 1,000 people about not flying and that about 998 of them said that not flying would be impossible for them—not difficult or unwanted but impossible. Suddenly they’re able not to fly. Their claims of being unable to avoid flying were never a matter of reality, as they described, but a lack of motivation and imagination.[…] Keep reading →

Covid advice applies to the environment. What we can do here we can do everywhere.

on March 14, 2020 in Awareness, Choosing/Decision-Making, Nature

My mom suggested a post from a woman, Jodi Ettenberg, who posts as Legalnomad, I’M IN THE VULNERABLE CLASS FOR COVID-19. A PLEA TO TAKE THIS VIRUS SERIOUSLY. First, if it doesn’t go without saying, I recommend you follow the guidelines of the most knowledgeable people and organizations on the virus. I am not one of them so seek them out. I’m sure you already know that advice, but making[…] Keep reading →

The fashion world is noticing buying less

on March 11, 2020 in Nature

Women’s Wear Daily quoted me today in Kaley Roshitsh’s article, Not Buying It: Is the issue overconsumption? Some consumers and industry experts are simply not buying it. “No-buy” stints and zero-waste draw interest. The article begins Not Shopping Period: “No-buy” stints and zero-waste draw consumer interest. There is the growing consumer trend toward “buying less, but buying quality.” There is the increase in renting and resale. And then there is[…] Keep reading →

Would you take a free course in sustainability leadership?

on March 7, 2020 in Education, Nature

Would you like to act more on the environment? Would you like to act sustainably with confidence? Would you like to boost your career? Would you like to enjoy your results so much you want to share them with others? People have suggested I create a course in how to act sustainably since my approach is so much different than most mainstream advice, like “here’s one little thing you can[…] Keep reading →

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