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009: Tanner Gers, Conversation 2

on January 1, 2018 in Leadership, Nature, Podcast

Do you want to improve your life? … and enjoy doing it? I usually don’t laugh out loud at people talking about the environment, but Tanner made me. Listen to Tanner’s second conversation to hear how a master approaches a modest challenge, makes it fun, makes it bigger (if it’s fun, why wouldn’t you), involves others, and keeps building. He shares what makes him a top athlete, husband, and all-around[…] Keep reading →

The Missing Element in Protecting the Environment (Inc.)

on December 31, 2017 in, Leadership, Nature

The Missing Element in Protecting the Environment We have the science and technology. We’re missing effective leadership. Let’s learn from past success. Who would expect an insight on how to protect the environment to come from hookworms? I recently saw Zia Khan, the Rockefeller Foundation’s Vice President of Initiatives and Strategy, speak at the New York Academy of Science‘s Summit on United Nations Strategic Goals. That’s a high-level group of organizations and people. He didn’t speak on[…] Keep reading →

Who is leading in climate research.

on December 30, 2017 in Leadership, Nature

Have you thought about who is leading in the area of climate research? I don’t mean who is doing the most research or the best research or publishing the most. I mean from a leadership perspective: who is leading people, setting direction, creating a vision, and motivating others to act toward a goal? What is the goal of climate research if not to figure out how to set policy for[…] Keep reading →

Enron Environmentalism (Inc.)

on December 29, 2017 in Awareness,, Leadership, Models, Nature, Stories

Enron Environmentalism Enron looked profitable when it compartmentalized and hid its losses. Do you compartmentalize and hide your pollution? I just had lunch with a man who described himself as fanatical about the environment–in particular, about water bottles. He illustrated by describing how fastidiously he handled them. As he started his story, I expected him to describe how he never used water bottles. Americans have such clean and drinkable water that water made unclean makes front page[…] Keep reading →

Remember the “Crying Indian” Anti-Litter Ads From the 70s? You’ll Cry More at Our Pollution Levels Today (Inc.)

on December 28, 2017 in Awareness,, Leadership, Nature, Visualization

Remember the Single-Tear Anti-Litter Ads From the 70s? You’ll Cry Too at Our Pollution Levels Today The chart below puts Keep America Beautiful’s “Crying Indian” public service announcement in today’s deplorable context A headline in The Guardian two days ago, “$180bn investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge” led me to some statistics about plastic production. Plastic Production Then The chart I saw, reproduced below, showed dramatic increase around[…] Keep reading →

Updates on Limits to Growth, finally!

on December 26, 2017 in Leadership, Models, Nature, Visualization

One of my top resources on the environment is the book Limits to Growth. Reading it was revelatory. They approached the environment the way I thought made sense, then created a model, researched the numbers, plugged them in, and got answers. What made sense was what they call a systemic approach—not to look at one of all the interacting parts, but to look at the whole system, including how the[…] Keep reading →

When hunger feels good

on December 23, 2017 in Fitness, Nature

I don’t know anyone who likes eating more than I do. When I see food that I like to eat around, I eat it. I don’t know how people stop eating. So I don’t like feeling hungry, but I realized a time I like feeling hungry. I noticed it because cooking my famous vegetable stews in big batches means I almost always have delicious, filling, wholesome food ready for me[…] Keep reading →