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4 Delicious Benefits of Acting on the Environment

on November 3, 2019 in Nature, Stories

I wrote a piece in Thrive Global, 4 Delicious Benefits of Acting on the Environment, on my process of polluting less and the joys I’ve received from it. It begins: I last emptied my household garbage in September 2018. The time before that, June 2017. Yes, I took 16 months to fill one load of garbage, and a small load — one canvas tote bag full. I don’t need to[…] Keep reading →

More disgust at day 2 of a food sustainability event

on November 2, 2019 in Nature

The second day of the event I wrote about yesterday brought more disgust — this time at lunch. The provided lunch. Nearly everything was packaged. I saw no one suggesting any problem with all the packaging. They also provided unpackaged vegetables and dip, so they could bring unpackaged food. Still, everyone I saw get vegetables and dip put them on single-use disposable plates claimed compostable, but 1) creating them produced[…] Keep reading →

Disgust at a food sustainability event

on November 1, 2019 in Nature

I attended day one of a food sustainability event today. It was not only about sustainability, but most speakers talked about it. The name of the event isn’t important since nearly every other event does the same. Nearly everyone working on sustainability fell into the pattern I call chasing efficiency through recycling, ignoring reducing total waste. They miss the difference between increasing efficiency and decreasing total waste. Companies love this[…] Keep reading →

Imagine well-known people responding how we do to the environment

on October 30, 2019 in Nature, Visualization

Heroes and role models Acting on one’s environmental values is a leadership issue we are shirking. However challenging, stewardship, responsibility, and action improve our lives, families, and communities. We are missing out on richer, more fulfilling lives. Want evidence? I made images of heroes and role models of mine responding as most people today do to acting on their environmental values. Not heroes I also made images of people who[…] Keep reading →

Update on my vegetable overload

on October 20, 2019 in Nature

I invited readers to come over for some of my famous no-packaging vegetable stew the other day since I was overloaded with vegetables from my CSAs. The invitation worked. Two weeks ago, I hosted people for six meals. This week so far I’ve hosted five with two more before the week ends when I pick up my next CSA vegetables Tuesday evening. That will make 13 meals for others in[…] Keep reading →

Near Manhattan? Come try my stew this week.

on October 16, 2019 in Nature

My CSAs are overloading me with abundant, delicious vegetables and fruit. I can’t eat them all and I’ve invited all the friends I can. Last week I hosted someone almost every evening (including a journalist from a Japanese magazine — I’ll be huge in Japan!). I still can’t finish it all. You’ve read or heard about my famous no-packaging vegetable stews. If you’re near New York, invite yourself over and[…] Keep reading →

Victory from the jaws of defeat: I froze two-thirds through my TEDx talk

on October 5, 2019 in Nature, Stories, Visualization

Today I gave my talk at TEDxWaltham, “What Everyone Gets Wrong About The Environment.” Before I got home, an attendee emailed one of the most encouraging and heartwarming reviews I’ve received: “I just wanted to tell you, I was extremely inspired by you and your talk today. I can’t remember a time when I was more impressed by someone’s philosophy and dedication to action. I hope we can chat soon[…] Keep reading →

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