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How much is COVID-19 affecting the environment?

on April 17, 2020 in Nature

Podcast guest and bestselling author Nir Eyal, whose pre-lockdown challenge included avoiding flying, emailed the following question: Hi Joshua – I had a question you may be able to answer. Have you considered the potential positive impact on the environment due to reduced emissions as a result of the COVID crisis? I wonder what reduction in use of fossil fuels would be required to prevent climate change and if we’re[…] Keep reading →

The most valuable no-nonsense covid-19 information I’ve seen (from’s Dr. Michael Greger)

on April 16, 2020 in Nature

I posted a podcast episode on Dr. Michael Greger’s video on pandemics, episode 318: Why pandemics will keep increasing and how we can reverse the trend. He was also a guest on the podcast. Today he posted the most valuable, comprehensive information on covid-19 I’ve seen, all referring to original research from medical and science literature. I rarely post other people’s material, but I found it worth copying. I’m contacting[…] Keep reading →

See my second appearance on

on April 14, 2020 in Nature, Nonjudgment

Rob and Andrew at invited me back, this time for a three-way conversation: Maga Media Podcast ep35: Guest Joshua Spodek| Climate Change, Coronavirus & the Great American Lockdown. EDIT: I recommend everyone watch these videos on preventing pandemics including COVID-19, considering how much our behavior is causing them: Pandemics: History & Prevention Can we stop a future pandemic? Dr. Michael Greger M.D explains what’s next. Their notes for this[…] Keep reading →

This bookmark illustrates what’s wrong with our world

on April 10, 2020 in Nature, Visualization

I found this bookmark at my mom’s house. She and my stepfather don’t remember buying it so my mom figures someone gave it to them. Here’s the front. Don’t the flowers look pretty? When I was a kid we’d sometimes pick flowers or leaves and press them between pages of books, so making a bookmark of them makes sense. They aren’t flowers, though. They’re pictures of flowers, printed onto paper,[…] Keep reading →

Do you research how much water certain produce requires to grow?

on March 31, 2020 in Awareness, Nature

Someone asked on a message board, “Do you research how much water certain produce requires to grow?” I responded: Yes. At the beginning, when I felt obligated to act and it felt a burden, I avoided learning new things, feeling if I kept learning, there’d be nothing left and I’d feel guilty eating anything. As I practiced more, met the farmers behind my CSAs and farmers markets, and learned how[…] Keep reading →

Would you take piano lessons from someone who breaks pianos with a sledgehammer but doesn’t play?

on March 30, 2020 in Nature

Would you take piano lessons from someone who breaks pianos with a sledgehammer but doesn’t play? Does it matter how many books on music theory that person read? If they don’t play but only break pianos, you probably are going to learn more how to break pianos than to play them. If you learn anything about the piano, it will probably be theory at best. Then don’t take advice on[…] Keep reading →

My Bronx cooking demonstration video

on March 26, 2020 in Fitness, Nature

Did I mention before the virus that I accepted an invitation to show how I cook my famous no-packaging vegetable stews in the Bronx? I believe cooking this way is simple and accessible to anyone. I brought the ingredients, my pressure cooker, and my knife and chopping board by subway to this community group’s potluck dinner. We met in a church, where I showed how I make the stews. I[…] Keep reading →

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