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The privilege of scientific ignorance

on August 11, 2018 in Awareness, Education, Nature, Nonjudgment

NYU, where I teach, is a stronghold of social justice activity, as is Columbia, where I went to school. Since before college I’ve worked on causes to promote equality along genders, skin colors, geography, sexual preferences, and more. I protested Apartheid, my government’s actions in Central America, and more. I work on the environment. The list goes on. The term privilege gets thrown around. Being white, male, and fit, the[…] Keep reading →

Why you should meditate

on July 26, 2018 in Awareness, Freedom, Nonjudgment

Of the many reasons to meditate, here is what I consider the most valuable. Say you’re a runner. Imagine if every time you ran, at random times, without your awareness, your feet just started running in a different direction than you wanted. And on top of that, your feet started kicking each other equally spontaneously, randomly, and unintentionally. Your mind does just that—no matter how much you want to focus[…] Keep reading →

9 ways I’m un-American

on July 2, 2018 in Awareness, Nonjudgment

I love living in the United States, New York City, and Greenwich Village. I love our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I love that our culture produced people like Henry David Thoreau, Michael Jordan, Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Muhammad Ali, and Richard Feynman, and attracted others, like Albert Einstein. Our country has evolved since its entrepreneurial, revolutionary, freedom-minded, can-do origins. We pollute the air, land, water, and our bodies more[…] Keep reading →

Leonard Kim’s Grow Your Influence Tree on Voice of America: “How to Lead People Without Relying on Authority”

on April 5, 2018 in Audio, Leadership, Nonjudgment

I’ve wanted to meet top influencer Leonard Kim for years, having seen his online presence everywhere. I appeared on his Voice of America show today, speaking on leading people without relying on authority. He led the interview to get to the heart of my practice. I enjoyed the conversation and got to share what counts. Listen to the conversation. Listen to the conversation.

The Ethicist: Can I Use My Dad’s Connections to Get an Internship?

on February 25, 2018 in Ethicist, Nonjudgment

My series answering the New York Times’ Ethicist column with an active, leadership approach instead of an analytical, philosophical perspective continues with “Can I Use My Dad’s Connections to Get an Internship?” I’m a college student, and like many college students, I am looking to do an internship. My dad’s previous job was at a company that offers internships in my area of interest. He suggested that I consider interning[…] Keep reading →

Are Men and Women Equal or Not?

on October 30, 2017 in Nonjudgment

My LinkedIn post yesterday, “NY Times: Are Men and Women Equal or Not?,” began NY Times: Are Men and Women Equal or Not? Consider these two NY Times headlines, both credited to “The Editorial Board.” The first was yesterday’s: Will Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men? The second: Women Still Earn a Lot Less Than Men The second concerns pay and says progress in closing the gender pay gap has basically stalled[…] Keep reading →

The Ethicist: My Wife Found My Sexy Phone Pics and Won’t Let It Go

on October 22, 2017 in Ethicist, Nonjudgment, Relationships

Continuing my series of responses to the New York Times’, The Ethicist, here is my take on today’s post, “My Wife Found My Sexy Phone Pics and Won’t Let It Go,” My wife and I have been married for just a few years. Early in our marriage I started chatting with a female acquaintance, and things got verbally sexual and eventually led to sexual pictures between the other woman and[…] Keep reading →

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