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What automatic thoughts come to you when you think of straight white men?

on January 27, 2020 in Awareness, Nonjudgment, Perception

Comedians joke about stereotypes. People laugh when the jokes resonate with something in their heads. Everyone is unique, but as far as I can tell, many of thoughts of groups’ stereotypes come to mind automatically. I’m not sure if we can choose any thoughts. Here is an example of Larry David joking about Jewish stereotypes: Here is an example of David Chappelle joking about black and white stereotypes: I searched[…] Keep reading →

My thoughts from when the alarm goes off

on January 17, 2020 in Awareness, Habits, Perception, SIDCHAs

I love my sidcha to wake up, make my bed, cross the room, and turn off my alarm within sixty seconds. Loving the sidcha doesn’t mean I love every moment of it. On the contrary, the first few moments of it feel the same as they always have. I start with the same thoughts. Over the years, my inner monologue has come to change to purposeful enthusiasm faster. But I[…] Keep reading →

We’ve made thrills boring. We can do the opposite.

on January 2, 2020 in Perception

Here is an 1855 painting of Paris from a hot air balloon by an artist named Victor Navlet. The first manned hot air balloon flew in Paris in 1783. Technology didn’t advance as fast then as now, so I figure few people would have experienced it, let alone artists. People couldn’t take pictures, so the painting must have amazed anyone who saw it. No one could see the view any[…] Keep reading →

Adding less salt, sugar, and fat makes you taste more of each

on December 11, 2019 in Exercises, Nature, Perception, Tips

Salt I wrote about my salt experiment of going a month adding no salt to any food. As I expected, though was still surprised at the result, when I added salt after that month, my normal amount tasted horribly over-salted. Adding maybe twenty percent made things taste as salty as before. Besides reducing my salt without using as much, I also became more sensitive to all the other flavors of[…] Keep reading →

Did you ever notice when someone cancels . . .

on October 18, 2019 in Awareness, Perception

Following my post the other day Did you ever notice when someone interrupts. . . I always have more work that I can do than time. . . but when someone cancels on me I get annoyed. And when I cancel on someone they reassure me by telling me they can use the time to work. I can to when the situation is reversed, but I still get annoyed. Until[…] Keep reading →

Did you ever notice when someone interrupts. . .

on October 15, 2019 in Awareness, Perception

Sometimes mid-sentence something distracts me and I lose my train of thought. Often when I do, I can’t remember what I was saying before. It annoys me but I move on to something else. By contrast, if a person interrupted me to the same effect, I’d get angry, even if what I were saying were no more important. That is, if while saying the same thing, I were interrupted or[…] Keep reading →

Examples of “tastes good” versus “want more”

on October 7, 2019 in Awareness, Choosing/Decision-Making, Perception, SIDCHAs

I’ve written on the difference in sensation between something tasting good versus making you feel like you want more of it (see “Want to eat more” and “tastes good” aren’t the same feeling). I also spoke about them as a podcast guest in Tastes Good versus Want More, explored in depth. The difference, briefly: when you bite into a fruit you love, say an apple, it tastes good and you[…] Keep reading →

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