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016: Daniel Gefen, Conversation 1, Vulnerability and Openness

on January 22, 2018 in Audio, Podcast

Not often when two men chat on the internet do tears well up and they get choked up. Listen to the conversation. I loved this conversation for its being unscripted and unguarded. Daniel allowed himself to be vulnerable. He asked about posting this interview on his podcast because of the rawness of the emotion that came up. We laughed a lot too. My mistake I recorded this conversation early and[…] Keep reading →

014: Joshua Spodek: My friend’s anger and why I’m doing the podcast

on January 13, 2018 in Audio, Nature, Podcast

My friend told me this show angered him — hearing people act as if little changes were significant… not knowing not to get new plastic bags. Listen to the episode. I shared some of my thoughts on people making trivial changes and what motivates me. I expect I’ll share more personal thoughts on leadership and the environment as I develop my voice. Listen to the episode. Listen to the episode.

012: Judith Glaser, Conversation 2

on January 8, 2018 in Podcast

This conversation was fun and engaging since Judith is charismatic, experienced, and cheerful, even though it started solemnly, owing to a terrorist attack in Manhattan the day before. We covered politics a bit — now that I think of it, one of this podcast’s few forays there. We talked about leadership from many perspectives, including her storied experience, given her experience with globally known leaders (Donna Karan, etc) and top[…] Keep reading →

011: Tanner Gers, Conversation 3

on January 5, 2018 in Audio, Podcast

Tanner’s third conversation continues his project beyond just polluting less himself to influencing a store, in fact a whole grocery store chain. You can hear his growing enthusiasm, that the more he works on his project, the more he finds parts of it to love and act on. Listen to the conversation. Do you think because he’s a gold medal winner things come easier for him? On the contrary, things[…] Keep reading →

010: Jim Harshaw, Conversation 2

on January 3, 2018 in Leadership, Nature, Podcast

The hero’s journey In conversation 1, Jim shared his values and committed to live by one. In conversation 1.5, he shared problems with the challenge and how he overcame them. In this conversation he shares how it worked. Listen to hear how persevering through challenges to live by your values leads to a better life. Listen to the conversation Judge for yourself what you find from his experience. I heard:[…] Keep reading →

009: Tanner Gers, Conversation 2

on January 1, 2018 in Leadership, Nature, Podcast

Do you want to improve your life? … and enjoy doing it? I usually don’t laugh out loud at people talking about the environment, but Tanner made me. Listen to Tanner’s second conversation to hear how a master approaches a modest challenge, makes it fun, makes it bigger (if it’s fun, why wouldn’t you), involves others, and keeps building. He shares what makes him a top athlete, husband, and all-around[…] Keep reading →

New podcast episode: All-American wrestler, coach, and father, Jim Harshaw, Conversation 1.5

on December 25, 2017 in Podcast

I will recommend this episode a lot. You’ll hear an accomplished man struggle with a goal he expected to be easy. You’ll also hear him triumph, bringing his wife and children to the triumph—creating it with them. Click here to listen to the conversation I’m releasing it on a holiday because it’s as heartwarming a story of a father bringing his family and community together as any—despite, or because of,[…] Keep reading →