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101: Seth Godin: Work that matters for people who care

on November 15, 2018 in Podcast

I’m posting this conversation today because Seth just launched his book, This is Marketing, already a #1 bestseller. As he points out, his marketing is close to what I call leadership: how to influence people, to discover your passion, and such. Helping people change is what this podcast is about. We recorded this conversation months ago, so you get to hear previews of his book. We talked a lot about[…] Keep reading →

100: Michael O’Heaney: Story of Stuff

on November 6, 2018 in Podcast

Michael is the Executive Director of an organization that inspired me as much as any—The Story of Stuff. They continue to inspire me to think bigger and to focus on the details it would be easier to ignore but that matter. If you want to avoid plastic, waste, and other stuff, you’ll find Michael’s perspective and experience helpful. Having cut my waste a lot, talking to Michael leads me to[…] Keep reading →

098: Would You Free Your Slaves?

on October 25, 2018 in Podcast

Imagine you were born into a slave holding family. You didn’t ask to be born into it. You didn’t create the system. You didn’t make slavery legal. Every landowner around you would own slaves. You would inherit yours. Would you free your slaves? Have you considered how hard it would be? It’s worth thinking about — how much it would change your life. If you would, without a second thought,[…] Keep reading →

097: Sir Tim Smit: Changing the World with No Special Skills

on October 23, 2018 in Podcast

Tim Smit is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Eden Project in Cornwall, in the southwest of England. He turned a lifeless, poisoned abandoned mine into a bountiful green world-class garden people love to visit. Eden has attracted millions of visitors and billions of pounds. Tim is a consummate doer—not complainer or blamer—and an environmental campaign and entrepreneur, Tim tells how he met challenges he couldn’t have foreseen. I[…] Keep reading →

096: Chris Bailey: Hyperfocus, The New Science of Attention

on October 19, 2018 in Podcast

Chris Bailey shares how to focus and create intention—how to become more productive on the outside and live with more meaning and purpose on the inside by focusing on what is important to you. Focus isn’t necessarily easy, but Chris shares from personal experience that anyone can improve theirs. He shares to slow down and focus on less in order to make a larger impact. Modern society motivates the opposite,[…] Keep reading →

095: How Would-be Leaders Are Moving Us Backward

on October 10, 2018 in Podcast

I want to differentiate between telling people facts and what to do or what they should do on one side, and leading them on the other. I see a lot of people telling others what to do. Not a lot of people leading. Martin Luther King led people to choose and want to go to jail to create freedom. That’s leadership. He had no authority over them. He didn’t convince[…] Keep reading →

094: Where Reason Fails and Leadership Works

on October 9, 2018 in Podcast

Many people think if you just reason enough, you’ll get to what’s right and wrong in a way everyone will believe. This happens in the environment and many other places in life. In the environment, you may believe we should pass a law limiting emissions. When you hear another person suggest that that law might hurt jobs, you might think if you convince the other person through reason, they’ll come[…] Keep reading →

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