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227: Economists don’t know what they’re talking about on growth

on October 9, 2019 in Podcast

A few words on growth and how people misunderstand it, especially economists. I start by talking about my window garden cherry tomato plants and how the inability of the insects eating them to regulate their growth and up destroying the plants and thereby their own population. Can we outdo bugs? I’m not sure. An educated friend showed surprise to me that his having four or five kids is one of[…] Keep reading →

226: Brad P, part 1: Dating coaching, leadership, and the environment

on October 6, 2019 in Podcast

Today’s episode with guest Brad P, a dating coach and guru—well, former, since he’s moved on, as he’ll share—partly reveal a major part of my social and emotional development as an adult. He was in a sense my boss when I coached mostly men but a few women on dating and attraction skills, which I did before coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and so on on leadership, initiative, entrepreneurship, and more mainstream[…] Keep reading →

225: My role model: Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine

on September 30, 2019 in Podcast

Polio terrorized the world. People died and became paralyzed and there were no defenses to it. Science understood it and eventually Jonas Salk found a vaccine. Just having a vaccine wasn’t enough. They needed massive global public projects to disseminate it. Is the connection to our current environmental problems obvious? As I see it, our behavior is causing the problems. If I’m not too full of myself, this podcast’s technique,[…] Keep reading →

224: Clarifying my strategy

on September 29, 2019 in Podcast

People commonly misunderstand the goals of this podcast. I tried in this episode to clear up two common misunderstandings: They mistakenly believe my goal is individual change—to influence one person at a time. They mistakenly believe I act on my environmental values to lead people by example. On point 1, this podcast focuses on leading people through community. You may hear me leading one person at a time per episode,[…] Keep reading →

Attend the Second Annual Leadership and the Environment Panel, October 15

on September 28, 2019 in Events, Nature, Podcast

In New York City, Tuesday, October 15, The Leadership and the Environment, with the Columbia Business School Alumni Club, will host our second annual panel Beyond Talk and Management: How to Become an Environmental Leader. We’re featuring stellar leaders, including a Nobel Peace Prize, President of the Rainforest Alliance, and the person responsible for the largest B-Corp yet. Click to register. Beyond Talk and Management: How to Become an Environmental[…] Keep reading →

223: Adam Quiney, part 2: Do the Thing

on September 24, 2019 in Podcast

This episode is two thoughtful, intelligent people sharing environmental thoughts. I think the thoughts we share are what a lot of people think but don’t share enough. We cover action, leadership, motivation, caring, beliefs, integrity, and Adam’s challenge on “imperfect” (which I put in quotes since I prefer non-supermarket apples) apples. I suspect you’ll hear things you’ve thought about but maybe haven’t shared, not just environmental, though we mostly hover[…] Keep reading →

222: Why Eat Insects?

on September 21, 2019 in Podcast

Between insects, kelp, vertical farming, lab-grown meat, and other clever options, why didn’t we think of them before? Because we had better options! Few meat eaters choose crickets over steaks and hamburgers, but we’ve squandered what was once plenty with overpopulation. We’ve become more efficient, but we’ve lost abundance. With a lower population we could keep abundance.

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