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Jezzibell Gilmore

on August 13, 2019 in Podcast

Jezzibell is a co-founder and SVP of Business Development of PacketFabric. From their web site: PacketFabric redefines how companies build and use network services. The PacketFabric network-as-a-service platform provides instant connectivity between colocation facilities, to major cloud providers, and Internet Exchanges. PacketFabric is simple, cost-effective, and scalable network connectivity and all of our services are provided via our portal and API. She was an early stage employee of AboveNet Communications[…] Keep reading →

Shana Yadid

on August 13, 2019 in Podcast

Shana is the founder, CEO, and Lead Trainer at Yadid’it! Dog Training, the Executive Director at Yadid’it! Sustainable Dog Rescue and an ABCDT (Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer). She is, in her words, super quirky, a loving dog-mom, an eldest sister to two loving siblings, and a sexual trauma survivor. #metoo Growing up a practicing modern orthodox Jew and attending a yeshiva day school from elementary through high school,[…] Keep reading →

Aaron Price

on August 12, 2019 in Podcast

Aaron is the president & CEO of the NJ Tech Council and founder of Propelify—the Propelify Innovation Festival. Propelify empowers the community of innovators who act. He launched Propelify in 2016 to inspire the tech and innovation community and those who act—who propel. Propelify welcomed over 8000 attendees in 2016 and over 10,000 in 2017, making it one of the largest tech events ever, earning a headline from Forbes calling[…] Keep reading →

Ani Manian

on August 12, 2019 in Podcast

I felt a special bond with Ani before interviewing him. He introduced himself telling me that he read my Inc article What a Year Without Flying Taught Me About Responsibility, Empathy, and Community over a year before and, agreeing with it, challenged himself to avoid flying. He was 14 months into avoiding flying. He joked, “I hate you and I love you,” because the challenge was so great but so[…] Keep reading →

206: Jeremy Ryan Slate, part 1: Leadership: Doing What Others Don’t, But Want To

on August 7, 2019 in Podcast

This episode is about doing what others don’t, but want to. We recorded it nearly 2 years ago when I was still getting into my groove.  We start talking what sounds like about oranges but we’re talking about leadership — doing what others want to but don’t. It may sound weird at first, but turning one healthy food into two unhealthy foods looks pretty weird to me. Everyone I know[…] Keep reading →

205: Notes to a Future President

on August 4, 2019 in Podcast

The U.S. is ramping up its Presidential campaigns. The environment is an issue for many reasons. At first you’d think because of global warming, plastic, mercury in fish, extinctions, bees are mysteriously dying, and so on. But any candidate knows it’s important because people care about it. Any leader knows that when people care, a leader can tap into that emotion and motivation. One of my definitions of leadership is[…] Keep reading →

204: Michelle Tillis Lederman, part 1: The Connector’s Advantage

on August 2, 2019 in Podcast

I’ve known Michelle longer than almost any guest. I met her in business school, which would mean 2005 or 6. She may be the friendliest guest of the show, partly from our being friends. But I’ve seen her in a room of unknown people where she attracts people. They like her. It happens from skills she learned through practice. She’s devoted herself to teach and develop them in others. I[…] Keep reading →

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