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Psychology Today: Food, Sustainability, and Joy

on January 13, 2020 in psychologytoday

My podcast episode with Chris Schembra, 159: Chris Schembra: Expressing Gratitude, got heartfelt feedback from listeners. I wrote about Chris’s influence on helping me grow my famous no-packaging vegetable stew dinners in my Psychology Today column. Check out my piece there, Food, Sustainability, and Joy: Food introduced the joy of sustainability to me. A food entrepreneur helped. Thanks to Chris for the conversation and inspiration that led to it. And[…] Keep reading →

How Psychology Today improved overnight

on November 8, 2019 in psychologytoday

Psychology Today improved overnight by hiring me! Today marked my first post. Here’s a screen shot of my profile. My column is called Leadership and the Environment, subtitled What Everyone Gets Wrong and How to Get It Right. Appropriate to that title, my first post is the script to my second TEDx talk, posted almost the same time, titled What Everyone Gets Wrong About the Environment, just like my colum.[…] Keep reading →

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