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I do more burpees before 9am . . .

on July 17, 2019 in Fitness, Habits, SIDCHAs

I can’t believe I didn’t think of saying the phrase until the other day: I do more burpees before 9am than most people do all day. It’s satisfying to write. I could have said it years ago. Friends are surprises I haven’t said it. When I said it to someone out loud, he pointed out I could say: I do more burpees before 9am than most people do in their[…] Keep reading →

Sidchas — the series

on June 14, 2019 in Habits, SIDCHAs

Most people seem to want improve themselves, personally or professionally. Reading, watching, and listening to people tell you how you can develop yourself professionally or personally doesn’t change anything beyond give you a bit of information. People don’t succeed because they have more information. They succeed because they act. Even if you know you should do something, how do you know what? Marketers are trying to tell you what to[…] Keep reading →

Jia Jiang’s world-class social sidcha

on March 21, 2019 in SIDCHAs, Stories

I couldn’t help share Jia Jiang’s sidcha. I’ve favored fitness sidchas like my burpee-based calisthenics, a mindfulness one in cold showers, and the expressive one of writing here. I’ve also described business ones like cold-calling five of sales leads daily or writing a business idea every day. There are aesthetic ones like drawing a picture every day or dancing every day. I also describe social ones like talking to a[…] Keep reading →

Painting sidchas: A Painting A Day

on January 4, 2019 in Art, SIDCHAs

I found some great examples of success through sidchas you’ll enjoy seeing. Through Seth Godin, who posts to his blog daily, I learned of Abbey Ryan, who paints a painting a day. I hope she doesn’t mind my showing her ten most recent paintings, to show their beauty and so people don’t confuse a painting a day with skimping. According to Wikipedia, A recognized leader in the “Painting-A-Day” movement, Ryan’s[…] Keep reading →

A sidcha to improve your writing

on December 31, 2018 in Habits, SIDCHAs

My publisher recommended an exercise to help write concisely, which she found at a page called Very Good Copy in an article called This exercise will train you to write more concisely. It says, “If your goal is to write tighter copy — copy that says more in fewer words — try this 15-minute exercise. . . rewrite a Wikipedia paragraph to a third of its original length (e.g., edit[…] Keep reading →

World Burpee Day

on October 12, 2018 in Fitness, SIDCHAs, Visualization

It turns out some people or advertisers decided to make October 12 World Burpee Day. Given my thing with burpees, I decided to play the game and post about it to see if my more than 110,000 burpees over 2,487 consecutive day wins me something. I found a few articles with headlines suggesting people barely getting started: I Did 30 Burpees For 15 Days and Here’s What Happened This Is[…] Keep reading →

My calisthenics, September 2018

on October 5, 2018 in Fitness, Freedom, Habits, SIDCHAs, Visualization

I’ve kept my twice-daily calisthenics routines nearly the same for a few years. Now you can see them. I settled onto through trial and error and some research, not through a trainer, so I welcome comments and suggestions. My morning routine 27 burpees (last 3 with with diamond push-ups) Hamstring stretch for 60 breaths Pike for 10 breaths 10 lying hip raises 10 45-pound weighted crunches with legs up 10[…] Keep reading →

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