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“17 Creative Weekend Routines For a Happier, More Successful Week,” including plogging

on October 30, 2018 in Fitness, Habits, Tips

Thrive Global featured me and my plogging habit in the subheading. I recommend trying it. My picking up trash has led others to start doing it too, and to find they enjoy it. One even claimed she was dirt-phobic before doing it. 17 Creative Weekend Routines For a Happier, More Successful Week Stargazing, “plogging,” rom-com marathons –– which of these activities will put gas in your tank this weekend? Here’s[…] Keep reading →

086: Awareness means nothing. Or less.

on September 12, 2018 in Leadership, Podcast, Tips

Neither the environment nor your life responds to your awareness. They respond to your behavior. People who speak the truth say, “I’m telling the truth.” People who lie say the same thing. People who are aware say they are aware. People who are unaware say the same thing too. Only we’re all unaware of what we’re unaware of. Saying we’re aware only reveals our ignorance of our unawareness. That’s pride.[…] Keep reading →

How to beat Trump

on August 20, 2018 in Leadership, Nonjudgment, Tips

Seeing as he faces no competition yet, it’s not too early to figure out how to win in the next election. I already wrote in How to get votes for Donald Trump my simple rule that if you follow it, you’ll create votes for Trump: Every time you call someone sexist, racist, xenophobic, privileged, islamophobic, mansplaining, manspreading, narcissistic, or the like, you create a new vote for Trump. including the[…] Keep reading →

Trying to solve everything before doing anything leads to nothing done

on July 21, 2018 in Nature, Tips

The principle that trying to solve everything before doing anything leads to getting nothing done, applies broadly. It came up recently in reducing pollution, so I’ll illustrate it there. A friend said he wants to go to a zero waste lifestyle and asked me what I do about toothpaste. Now there are households out there that throw out less than a pound of garbage per year. Most Americans produce more[…] Keep reading →

How to get votes for Donald Trump

on June 30, 2018 in Leadership, Models, Tips

Since most people I know voted for Clinton, I presume most of my readers did. Though I don’t like Trump as president, as long as tens of millions of Americans voted for him, I hope my readers represent the population more faithfully than the population of lower Manhattan. Trump’s win surprised most Clinton supporters. My reaching out to Trump voters and speaking with them explained a lot to me. The[…] Keep reading →

Cold showers aren’t hard showers. They’re easy workouts.

on April 22, 2018 in Fitness, Habits,, Leadership, SIDCHAs, Tips

Cold Showers Aren’t Hard Showers. They’re Easy Workouts. Confusion about their purpose scare people from realizing their value as one of the easiest, cheapest, and effective improvement practices. I’ve written here many times on the benefits of cold showers. I’ve blogged more about them. You wouldn’t have clicked on the headline if you weren’t curious about them or already doing them. Inc. is a community of achievers and has covered[…] Keep reading →

Stand tall

on February 17, 2018 in Tips

What’s your posture right now? Were you hunched over your screen? Did you sit up straighter? Don’t stop there. Stand tall. I mean it. You know you’ll be glad you did. Get up out of your chair and stand tall. It doesn’t matter your height. Stand tall for you. If you’re bed-ridden or can’t stand for some reason, do what you can in your way to stand tall. Straighten your[…] Keep reading →

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