Culture shock

July 13, 2011 by Joshua
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People misunderstand culture shock. They talk about it happening when they go to a new place, but that’s not when you really get culture shock. When you go to a new place you expect things to be different so differences don’t shock you that much.

You get culture shock when you return after having been away and having adoped foreign standards without realizing it. Then what used to be normal seems unexpectedly strange and you are shocked.

I’m just back from overseas and the same culture shock hit me as always does, no matter how many times it already has because it’s such a huge effect:

Americans are fat.


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3 responses on “Culture shock

  1. Yes, this is very true! After living in Europe for over 2 years, it took me about that much time back in the US to adjust. I noticed things like our waste, our inability just to chill together in someone’s apartment for dinner, the fluidity of socializing, and lots of other things. Interestingly, though, after readjusting for 2 years, afterwards, I noticed lots of wonderful things about it here that I had never noticed before! Great how it can work both ways. Again, happy travels.

  2. Oh, and a really big one, how low our living standards are and how behind our infrastructure :(. You don’t have to be a millionaire to have a pretty good place to live near the center of a city.

    And we are fat…

  3. Yeah, I remember the fun of just chilling at a friend’s apartment for an evening with friends in Paris. Nothing more than some wine, cheese, and bread. Then conversation. No television. Maybe we’d play some word games like Categories.

    We don’t seem to keep it that simple here. Maybe because wine was as cheap as water there. Also, as students we would cram into small apartments. No one had to prepare much.

    I’ll have to host some simple get togethers like that.

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