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Earth from space, a pale blue dot

posted by Joshua on September 21, 2011 in Awareness, Blog, Nature
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If you read this blog for unique ideas from me, they don’t come from nowhere. Their deepest foundation comes probably from the beauty I find in nature, a main reason I studied physics, which I consider the foundation of our understanding of nature.

A science educator, James Drake, created this video — a time-lapse of publicly available images — a perspective of our world vastly different from our usual perspectives about our lives. I find it beautiful. You may want to click on the YouTube logo to watch it full-screen there. His blog has many images of Earth from space.

A small comment: I would title it “What does it look like to fly over Earth”. I think the video shows what it looks like more than what it feels like. I’ve seen a lot of images of Earth from space, but I don’t think I can imagine what it would feel like out there — from feeling the zero G to the view I don’t think I can conjure the feelings being there and seeing that with my own eyes would evoke.

One of Carl Sagan’s masterpieces fits here too — Pale blue dot:

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