Insightful BBC video on mental models, beliefs, and how your mind perceives

posted by Joshua on March 14, 2015 in Evolutionary Psychology, Models, Nature, Perception
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If you like my perspective on being human and our place in the world, I recommend watching the videos of James Burke from BBC. They’re mostly available on YouTube. I first saw his series Connections and The Day The Universe Changed in the 80s on PBS. I watch them again periodically. His work is some of the few I find I like watching repeats as much as the original.

I just found his show from 1980, The Real Thing, which I’d never heard of before. I loved it. It gave an entertaining, scientific, illustrative background to my Model.

The video quality is terrible, which I view as a testament to the quality of his work since you still get the full meaning. It’s six half-hour episodes, so a lot, but worth it if you like understanding how you perceive your environment, process it into your model of the world, and react.

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