Jia Jiang’s world-class social sidcha

March 21, 2019 by Joshua
in SIDCHAs, Stories

I couldn’t help share Jia Jiang’s sidcha.

I’ve favored fitness sidchas like my burpee-based calisthenics, a mindfulness one in cold showers, and the expressive one of writing here.

I’ve also described business ones like cold-calling five of sales leads daily or writing a business idea every day. There are aesthetic ones like drawing a picture every day or dancing every day. I also describe social ones like talking to a new person every day.

He shared another social one. The video speaks for itself.

Normally I don’t just like posting videos, but this one so perfectly illustrates how a sidcha works and their value, how could I not post it?

He writes up each experience on his page.

I wonder how much he kept it up after the hundred days.

In any case, he did the hundred days of the sidcha. That’s why he gave a TED talk and we’re watching.

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