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Leadership and the Environment podcast episode #5: The slideshow, June 23, 2017 [video]

posted by Joshua on June 24, 2017 in Leadership, Nature, Podcast, Visualization
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Leadership And The Environment Title Slide

I’ve delivered this talk a lot lately. It continues to iterate and I’m years from being able to deliver it at the I-Have-A-Dream-level quality to motivate people as the cause demands, but I consider it ready.

Please share! (with @spodek)

I welcome suggestions to improve. This is the 90-minute version. I will create shorter versions too.

Most of all, please contact me to join the movement. I’d love to hear from everyone interested in helping, whether you can help with the areas I name or otherwise.

Remember to do part 1—an effective personal challenge—first. Please tell me if you take one on.

Here it is on YouTube:

For some reason the podcast version is broken on the hosting site, but here it is in case they fix it.

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1 response to “Leadership and the Environment podcast episode #5: The slideshow, June 23, 2017 [video]

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