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August 3, 2018 by Joshua
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Here are resources I learn from and return to about joy, discovery, meaning, purpose, community (not doom, gloom, new-age fluff, etc), in no particular order.

I’ll keep adding to it.

I recommend bingeing on all of it.


The Leadership and the Environment podcast

When people hear my podcast name, they focus on the environment part. I consider leadership incomparably more important. We know what to do. The question is changing our behavior, which is leadership.

I consider my book, Leadership Step by Step, the top resource on learning to lead.

The Story of Stuff

Main site

Their movies (my favorite part of the main site and one of my top starting points)

Zero Waste

Bea Johnson videos, a big role model since saying I pollute less than other Americans is about the lowest bar possible

Bea’s page and blog

Lauren Singer videos, another role model

Lauren’s page and blog

Rob Greenfield’s page, another role model

The Clean Bin Movie and Project

Just Eat It Movie

Life Off Grid (book and movie, also on Kanopy)

Living the Change

Limits to Growth

The 30-year update book

The book synopsis


Tons of videos

My post on recent comparisons with data, with links to original papers

Systems Thinking

Tons of videos

My favorite book on the topic, Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows

The book that introduced me to it: The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

Human and nature dynamics (HANDY): Modeling inequality and use of resources in the collapse or sustainability of societies, Safa Motesharrei Jorge Rivas Eugenia Kalnay

What proposals will work (most won’t)

The Do The Math blog, one of my favorite sites. It’s accessible. You don’t need to know math, science, or engineering.

The Myth that Growth Helps

The Nobel Prize for Climate Catastrophe

Is Decoupling GDP Growth from Environmental Impact Possible?

Can Economic Growth Last?

The Hope at the Heart of the Apocalyptic Climate Change Report

Why Growth Can’t Be Green

Clean energy won’t save us – only a new economic system can

The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

Tons of videos

Why you should recycle less

Bea Johnson’s TEDx talk

National Geographic: 91% of plastic isn’t recycled

Low Tech Solutions

Low Tech Magazine, one of my favorite sites. Exiting the current system doesn’t mean the stone age. Black and white thinking like that comes from inexperience

The simple way this Japanese town has become nearly zero-waste (video version)

Slow food

Slow Food International

Slow Food US

Find a Community Supported Agriculture program near you (What’s a CSA and why should I do one?)

Mark Boyle‘s Life Without Technology series in the Guardian

Calculate Your Impact

A pollution calculator for flying and driving

Find your global footprint (here’s mine)


The True Cost trailer

Tons of related videos


Nutritionfacts.org, Dr. Gregor’s newsletter is one of the few I subscribe to and I watch many of his videos

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead trailer

Me showing the results of avoiding packaged food and food with fiber removed

Angus Barbieri fasted for 382 days

How I Saved My Kids From Sugar

Fish and Water

Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.



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