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Leadership, Paris, the Environment, and You

posted by Joshua on June 2, 2017 in, Leadership, Nature
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My Inc. post today, “Leadership, Paris, the Environment, and You,” begins

Leadership, Paris, the Environment, and You

Leadership, Paris, the Environment, and You

Leadership, Paris, the Environment, and You

This is our opportunity to lead, as citizens. Will we take up the charge?

Are you, like Elon Musk, outraged at President Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accord? Do you, like the CEOs of General Electric and Goldman Sachs, believe the decision will hurt America’s economy?

Putting aside your feelings and beliefs, look at your behavior:

Do you produce less greenhouse emissions than the Paris agreement calls for?

For comparison, one round-trip flight across the country flying coach uses up three-quarters of one person’s annual allotment in a few hours (source):

I suspect most Americans reading this column are over their limit and the year isn’t half over. A round-trip flight from New York to Shanghai first class, puts you at 7 times the Paris agreement allotment:

Where do you stand?

Read the rest at Leadership, Paris, the Environment, and You.

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