Are Men and Women Equal or Not?

October 30, 2017 by Joshua
in Nonjudgment

My LinkedIn post yesterday, “NY Times: Are Men and Women Equal or Not?,” began

NYTimes editorial headlines

New York Times editorial headlines

NY Times: Are Men and Women Equal or Not?

Consider these two NY Times headlines, both credited to “The Editorial Board.” The first was yesterday’s:

Will Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men?

The second:

Women Still Earn a Lot Less Than Men

The second concerns pay and says

progress in closing the gender pay gap has basically stalled over the past decade. The longer the gap persists, the less it can be explained away by factors other than discrimination.

It implies that men and women are similar enough at the workplace that there should be no gap.

Does anyone believe men and women behave differently?

Apparently, the New York Times Editorial Board does. Look at the first editorial, on harassment. While it pays lip service to gender neutral causes,

IT’S ABOUT POWER AND MONEY Sexual-harassment culture is tied directly to the economics of the workplace

and that perpetrators are not only men,

America’s endemic culture of sexual harassment, which is overwhelmingly, though not exclusively, committed by men against women

it otherwise treats it as a gendered issue—that men and women behave differently. For example, males at every age but not females, must be fixed and punished:

Boys must be raised to understand why that behavior is wrong, teenagers need to be reminded of it and grown men need to pay for it until they get the message.

Why say “grown men need to pay,” as opposed to, say, gender-neutral criminals, unless you believe men are guilty just for being men?

If men and women behave differently, is the only difference that men harass? Are we functionally alike except men are sometimes scum?

Read the rest at NY Times: Are Men and Women Equal or Not?.

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2 responses on “Are Men and Women Equal or Not?

  1. This doesn’t make any sense. The number of women who sexually harrass men is almost infinitesimal compared to the number of men who sexually harrass women. Yes, it’s a problem men need to fix! The article doesn’t say all men sexually harass and everyone knows they don’t. I’m not getting your point.

    • My main point was the discrepancy between saying men and women behave differently in one context but no differently in another. If harassment is about power and women can do anything men can, should we be concerned that as they gain power, they will exhibit behavior they couldn’t before? Or is this a fundamental difference between men and women? If so, wouldn’t a pay gap be a possible outcome?

      Regarding “Yes, it’s a problem men need to fix!”, do you mean guilty men or all men? If guilty only, why not just say criminals? What does a man who doesn’t harass have to do with one who does, except that they’re both men?

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