Best and Brightest … Genius — Esquire

A once-in-a-lifetime game-changing advance
in our field everyone else will follow
— Marshall Goldsmith

Astrophysicist turned new media whiz — NBC

Passionate … confident … — Forbes

You don't just learn theory from
him, you improve your life.
— Inc.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard University, Standford University, Princeton University, MTV, IBM, US Army


I speak, podcast, write, blog daily, teach, and coach. The picture above shows me swimming across the Hudson River, among many personal accomplishments. I live a life of joy, integrity, discipline, and community and empower others to do the same.

I'm friendly and my cooking is to die for, so invite yourself over when you're near Greenwich Village.


216: Brandon Voss, part 2: Negotiate Like Your Environment Depends On It

on September 9, 2019 in Podcast

We start talking about how to learn—you have to practice. This is one of the most important things to get, not just in learning but in life. Too many people read and analyze, expecting to learn. If you don’t change your behavior, you aren’t learning, which I took a long time to learn. If you read and analyze, you behave impersonally—that is, you don’t learn social and emotional skills. Then[…] Keep reading →

My electrical bill

on September 8, 2019 in Nature

I think I’m doing a good job of bringing my electrical use down. Each year it’s lower most months than the year before, though it will be tough to beat last December, when I was out of town and unplugged my fridge. I’m annoyed that for $5.64 worth of power, I have to pay $23. The fixed basic cost is almost three times my actual use. I think my fridge[…] Keep reading →

The Most Romantic Thing I Ever Did

on September 7, 2019 in Art, Creativity, Relationships

Almost two months ago, I wrote in Mementos of my high school girlfriend how I wasn’t sure I wanted to review the mementos. Maybe memories I treasured would turn out ordinary happenings of any young man in his late teens. I haven’t read my letters to her, but I read hers to me and was pleased to find something I’d forgotten — how close we were. More than close. Uninhibited.[…] Keep reading →

Does Personal Action Matter?

on September 6, 2019 in Awareness, Habits, Leadership

If you don’t think personal action makes a difference on big things like elections or the environment, try looking at it this way. I’ll put it in terms of the environment, but it applies to diet, voting, self-expression, and more. Many people do many things against their environmental values. Not just in general, but many times daily. They buy packaged food, they eat packaged food several times daily. They drive[…] Keep reading →

Your Daily Environment 011, We don’t cause climate change?!?

on September 5, 2019 in Nature

My comments on Barbados’s Prime Minister disavowing responsibility for climate change despite the nation causing and promoting well above the world average in greenhouse gas emissions: “We are on the front line of the consequences of climate change but we don’t cause it.” You may say I’m untimely, given the devastation they face, but I didn’t choose her words and I find her words irresponsible. Shirking responsibility disempowers us when[…] Keep reading →

My take on “Google, YouTube To Pay $170 Million Penalty Over Collecting Kids’ Personal Info”

on September 4, 2019 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Maybe you saw the headlines that Google and YouTube had to pay a fine, paltry for them, for collecting kids’ personal information. From the headline, I didn’t think it seemed like such a big deal, as much as I value privacy, as much as I avoid Google, and as much as I value protecting helpless people from predatory entities. But reading the article, I saw how much they used the[…] Keep reading →

215: Jeremy Ryan Slate, part 2: How long have you gone without a phone?

on September 3, 2019 in Podcast

When was the last time you went without a cell phone for more than a few hours? Jeremy went longer than he expected, but as chance favors the prepared mind, he was ready to take advantage of an opportunity. It sounds to me like he enjoyed using less power, however modest the reduction, he did it and discovered fun and improved relationships. Once we created machines to save labor. Now[…] Keep reading →

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