Paralympic champion Tanner Gers, Episode 005

December 14, 2017 by Joshua
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If you want a role model for taking on challenges that you know will improve your life but you aren’t sure how, listen and learn from Tanner Gers.

He is episode 005 on Leadership and the Environment. He and I hit it off since he hosted me on his podcast. You’ll hear the chemistry in our conversation. His personal challenge starts modest, but we’ve recorded two later conversations and he takes to them with a passion you’ll wish you had. Or will learn to create from him.

Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers: Leadership and the Environment episode 005

Tanner has been through more than you have, almost surely.

He is a US Paralympian in Track and Field, 2X National Cycling Champion, and the greatest hitter in Beep Baseball (baseball for the blind!). He is a TEDx speaker, author, Executive Director of My Blind Spot, and has been known to be seen hanging out at the White House!

He’s also really fun and carefree, yet serious, passionate, and wise.

Tanner teaches people inspiring methods responsible for him becoming a professional athlete, US Paralympian, successful published author, and business owner. He leads you to take away exactly how to achieve success in life quicker, influentially lead with purpose, and dominate as the Super Hero of your own life.

I wanted his conversation early because whatever most of us have been through, materially speaking, he’s had it harder than most of us. I say materially speaking because emotionally and purposefully, the car accident that left him blind doesn’t register as a problem.

Tanner will help you grab life by the reins and forget your problems, or use them to advance.

His personal challenge starts modest in this conversation but grows in later ones, so listen on.

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