Protecting the environment improves your life

December 25, 2014 by Joshua
in Models, Nature

The dominant mainstream mental model I see about protecting the environment associates it with deprivation. I think most people associate helping the environment with driving cars with poor acceleration, eating food they don’t like, and wearing clothes made of hemp.

I find this message counterproductive and inconsistent with what works.

It’s counterproductive because it repels most people.

I find it inconsistent because to me the basic elements of protecting the environment are thinking and caring about other people—that is, compassion and empathy. I’m a businessman, entrepreneur, and teacher. Compassion and empathy help me do my job.

I find living consistently with my environment consistent with productive business practices.

I just don’t see living in ways that don’t hurt the environment as deprivation. I find they add to my life. Maybe they don’t add entirely materially, but more in terms of meaning, value, importance, and purpose.

I hope others come to see it that way too.

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