Why do you read joshuaspodek.com? What do you want to see more or less of?

August 2, 2012 by Joshua
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Readership and subscriptions have been increasing lately. I figure people like something about what I write, but you probably have ways you’d like to improve it. In the style of feedforward (an immensely helpful technique I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their life), I’ll put questions to readers for you to respond by contacting me directly or posting in the comments below.

I want to improve my blog, you’re reading it, you know what you like and don’t like. I wonder if you could suggest a few ways to improve it.

Here are some questions to get you thinking

  • What do you like reading about most or least?
  • What do you wish to read about that I don’t post on?
  • Why do you come here?
  • Have any posts resonated particularly?
  • Do you ever forward posts to others? If so, which ones and why?
  • Do you like article lengths or would you prefer them longer or shorter?
  • Anything annoying?

Generally, are there any questions or comments you’d like to share?



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6 responses on “Why do you read joshuaspodek.com? What do you want to see more or less of?

  1. I found your site through Sebastian Marshall’s blog. I subscribe to quite a few RSS feeds but my RSS reader is often empty… that’s because I tend to only subscribe to people who consistently produce high-value posts and unsubscribe people who start pumping out the usual blog spam, and the high value bloggers tend to not write very frequently. (Patrick Mackenzie, Ben Horowitz, etc). You’re one of the few consitstently good, prolific bloggers I’ve found (other examples include Venkatesh Rao and Sebastian Marshall).

    I’d like to read more details about the three areas you mention in your bio – arts, science and business. You’re very rare in having achievements in all 3 areas. Preferably concrete, detailed and tactical over abstract, high-level and strategic, but that’s just personal preference.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’ve appreciated your comments here too.

      I’ve been meaning to write about how I got into business school in five weeks — from decision to go to starting orientation, including GMATs and everything. I’ll have to think about what to post about science, since when I talk science I like to talk serious stuff most people wouldn’t understand. And for philosophy of science, Richard Feynman says things so well I can’t think of how to improve. Have I posted science things before you wanted to see more of?

      I’ve also thought about posting on the value of a PhD in entrepreneurship and comparing it with the cost of several years. I value my science knowledge over my business knowledge, but business school brought much more enjoyment to my life.

      I’ll put more thought into details about each.

    • Look for my posts on August 18-20, which cover my 23-day application to business school. (Sorry for the delay, I’ve been building a buffer in preparation for a vacation.) It has a lot of detail about the process, preparation, essays, etc.

      Please let me know if it’s along the lines you mentioned. I figure what works for one person probably works for others.

  2. Well I have not went through the whole site yet. I mostly just look for posts about how to improve your business and personal relationships like the high-status behavior post. I would love to have you talk about how to choose who to cultivate a relationship with and who not to. You seem to be an extroverted person and have the energy to touch base with everyone you meet but for an introvert like me, I just don’t have the mental energy to keep track of many people.

    • Okay, I’ll post on how I choose criteria for cultivating new relationships (EDIT: see August 31st’s post)

      I’m flattered I seem extroverted. I assure you I didn’t start that way. I remember more than my share of Friday nights in the library in college listening to parties outside that I wasn’t social enough to be a part of. For most of my life I had trouble understanding how people could meet others in social situations. I could only meet people through friends.

      All that has changed now. Learning social skills has been a major focus of my life that has come from dedication, focus, willingness to risk looking silly or being judged, and such things.

      Just like I believe anyone can finish a marathon (I’ve been passed by blind people in the New York City marathon, not to mention running with people with one leg and other physical attributes you’d think would stop someone) or something similar, I believe anyone can develop the skills to behave and feel extroverted.

      If people want to behave and feel introverted, I have no problem with that, as long as they do so by choice. If they choose not to develop the skills associated with extroversion — well, my experience was that it only helped my life. Which is why I share what helped me.

      I’m not a psychologist, so I also admit there may be issues I don’t know about and am happy to be told if I’m missing anything.

      By the way, have you read my post on where you get energy? https://joshuaspodek.com/where-you-get-energy. I equate energy and motivation with expectation of success, which I find comes from experience and skills. I think I’ll post again on that topic.

    • Sony,

      Check out August 31st’s post — https://joshuaspodek.com/youre-good-meeting-people-choose. Was it what you were looking for? Should I follow up on it?


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