Did restaurants used to serve healthy food?

October 5, 2017 by Joshua
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Did restaurants used to serve healthy food?

They only seem to serve pleasurable, but unhealthy food now, with rare exception. I also feel like people used to go out for food rarely, and for fast “food” yet more rarely, but now eat out regularly, for fast “food” just as often.

Sit-down restaurants are no healthier than fast “food,” for that matter, and are often less, according to the study in this article.

Sit-down restaurants are unhealthy

Sit-down restaurants are unhealthy

Restaurant owners and chefs know what brings you back: sugar, oil, salt, and packaging. Not fiber and freshness.

I think a lot of people don’t know what eating healthy means and may never do it regularly.

Fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, mushrooms, and so on have incredible flavor, more richness and complexity than restaurants, fast or sit-down, serve, but many people may go years without sensing what fresh food offers. Plus they could save money, save time, and socialize more.


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