Sugar’s profit

November 21, 2015 by Joshua
in Entrepreneurship, Fitness

It must be one of the most profitable innovations ever: to remove the nutritional part of foods and selling the mostly sugar that remains. Fruit juice, table sugar, white flour, corn syrup, agave nectar, and so on.

What’s left tastes sweeter. It lasts longer on the shelf because it lacks nutrition for the life forms that would decompose it. It motivates people to consume more of it. Without fiber, it stops them from stopping themselves from eating.

It lowers costs, increases demand, and leads the consumer to addiction. People destroy their health to partake in the physical pleasure you give them. They enlarge their bodies to take in more and more. They literally sacrifice their limbs and eyesight to continue consuming your product, something that if you hadn’t removed the fiber, their bodies would not have let them do. What other product do people choose to die earlier and go blind for?

What a perfect business!

It seems better than smoking, alcohol, and gambling, even drugs. Since your product derives from food—I don’t call it food myself, rather entertainment for your mouth or “food”—people confuse it with something nourishing. You escape regulation that affects alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and drugs. Not for long, I suspect, but so far so good for you.

You only have to sacrifice your conscience at contributing to destroying a world’s health.

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