The height of annoying

April 29, 2012 by Joshua
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Is there anything as annoying as someone who exhibits traits you used to have, you’ve done your best to get rid of, but still have in you?

It cuts to your core. I spent a week and a half with a guy who had traits the rest of the group all had gotten over

  • a know-it-all
  • couldn’t help butting into conversations
  • interrupting
  • always had to point out what he knew that you didn’t, no matter how irrelevant
  • a show-off
  • self-righteous, especially when confronted with how he annoyed everyone

It’s the list of most annoying traits! You know the type, right? We all know identify those traits within us, perhaps sadly.

We were all annoyed by him, but his exhibiting those traits didn’t cut to the core. Sensing the same motivations within you cut to the core. That’s what annoyed us. That, no matter how much you’ve developed, you understood exactly his motivations. And still felt them.

His annoyance made you wonder — have I completely changed? Or even close to what I’d thought? Or have I only covered something up inside me? What if people find out? Or what if I forget or lose track and act that way, like when I’m stressed?

Then you realize in social situations how you behave matters. And you didn’t behave that way. He did. You have learned something.

Still, it’s annoying.

EDIT: This post describes this type of person, with a funny video to boot.

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4 responses on “The height of annoying

  1. I know who you are talking about! Hey, I know you are not on facebook anymore, I will send you the best pics you are in from my collection from this last trip by email.

    • Thanks!

      I like them — a few I like a lot. I’ll have to figure a way to post them here without revealing too much of my vanity 😉

      Yeah, I left Facebook — I haven’t gotten around to sending everyone there my goodbye message. I’ll do it when I get back from behind China’s firewall.

      I can’t wait to start posting on this trip. To those who haven’t seen Joseph’s blog, he has the best pictures of North Korea you’ll find anywhere, along with thoughtful commentary only someone with his experience there can bring — (and I’m not just saying that because today has a picture of me).

  2. Hey, man.

    I had been thinking about the experiences we had over there. This one stood out in my head. On the surface, it was just an agitation. But it was really interesting how you were able to spin it in a positive direction. Especially on the last morning, I think I was on the verge of laying the smack-down.

    I notice when I’m traveling, 1/2 my learning experiences come from the culture and the travel itself, and the other 1/2 from the human element. Weirdly enough being around the greatest example ever of how not to act may have actually helped me.

  3. Great to hear from you.

    Positive or negative, I can’t say, but no matter what anyone else does, ultimately only I allow myself to feel the emotions I do. That is, someone can behave however they want, but I control my emotional response.

    Every time I feel an emotion I don’t want gives me an opportunity to learn more about myself. Sounds like you have the same.

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