Who traveled more?

January 5, 2017 by Joshua
in Awareness, Perception

Consider two travelers.

One went online, bought a plane ticket to a spot half way around the world, took a taxi to the airport by highway he’s been on countless times, got in a plane—a long metal tube he can’t see out of—sat, confined, packed with hundreds of others, was fed food from a box, watched movies on a tiny screen, slept fitfully, eventually emerged in an airport similar to the one he left from, took another taxi to a hotel, and slept in a bed someone else made. He left a trail of thousands of gallons of jet fuel, equivalent to a year’s worth of driving.

The other rode a bicycle under his own power, carrying a tent, sleeping bag, and everything he needed, saw, smelled, heard, and touched every bit of the world he passed through, on roads he’d never seen, to a destination he’d never been to, cooked his food with a stove he brought, left a small fraction the pollution, and slept under the stars, pleasantly exhausted from the exertion.

One flew 10,000 miles in a few hours.

The other rode 300 miles in a few days.

Who traveled more?

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