Why I don’t eat meat: non-issue5: feeling closer to nature

December 24, 2011 by Joshua
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Following up my series on liberating ourselves from moralists, meddlers, and others who want to impose their subjective values on us in the name of objective truth in the realm of food, let’s continue with feeling closer to nature, the next on my list of a few days ago.

I can keep this post as brief as yesterday.

Both meat eaters and non-meat eaters claim their eating habits bring them closer to nature. Hunters claim hunting feels primal and puts them in tune with nature and the animals they hunt. Fishers claim similar feelings. Likewise, people who don’t eat meat claim avoiding meat makes them feel bonded with all of nature and to feel more compassion for living creatures.

If you’ve read my series on the Model, you’ll recall it says beliefs affect your perception, which prompt your emotions. People with different beliefs can come to feel the same way about different things.

I haven’t found anyone’s life improved by one person imposing their beliefs on another. If someone with eating habits other than yours believes differently than you, who are you to impose your beliefs on them? If you feel so justified, why shouldn’t they impose their beliefs on you?

In short, if your eating habits make you feel closer to nature and you like that, go for it. I don’t see your feeling good justifying you imposing your beliefs on others. Maybe they feel better.

I can hear you saying, yes, but their beliefs are wrong. Mine are based in… and then you’ll raise one of the other non-issues. Well, now you’re wrong on two counts. One, the other non-issue is not an issue. And they say they’re right and you’re wrong, so it’s just your opinion against theirs.

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1 response to “Why I don’t eat meat: non-issue5: feeling closer to nature

  1. The definition of high pressure sales is closing on a close: after our prospect says no, we say, oh, but look at this way, or that way, and you must buy from me.

    When folks REALLY believe their belief, virtually nothing that we can say will change their minds. This includes getting them to buy our product, accept our religion, our food habits, etc.

    Appreciate your reminder to avoid the temptation to attempt to impose our beliefs on others.

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