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Josh has exceeded my expectations

If you care for your team and event, you want a memorable, entertaining, engaging, inspirational speaker—for a keynote, workshop, or any team-building experience.

Extraordinary speaking events demand extraordinary speakers

Few have achieved what Joshua has. Fewer have then devoted themselves to leading you to reach your potential.

Joshua leads groups to learn, grow, laugh, wonder, and cheer.

To learn about Joshua speaking or workshopping at your event, email us and we’ll respond right away.

I cannot even begin to express how much I have enjoyed this … Thank you, Josh, for your time, wisdom, and passion. It made an incredible impact.

Josh’s genuine interest in the subject and his anecdotes about his own experiences with his ventures provided valuable insight and inspiration

As seen at:

IBM | U.S. Army | Deloitte | Children’s Aid Society | New York Public Library

Harvard | Princeton | Columbia | NYU | MIT

Spodek was engaging and really inspiring!

Why Joshua Spodek?

Joshua’s passion is enabling you to reach your potential. And your team.

Joshua’s credentials speak for themselves: the bestselling Leadership Step by Step, five Ivy League degrees including an MBA and PhD in physics, columnist for Inc., and helping launch an x-ray observational satellite, for starters.

His rich, full life inspires others, from swimming across the Hudson River to working with Nobel Laureates to solo shows in galleries and museums to competing at nationals and worlds in sports to visiting North Korea twice to running six marathons among many other extraordinary experiences and accomplishments (see Joshua’s bio for a more complete list).

Thank you so very much for speaking at our offsite this year. You presentation was FANTASTIC!

Joshua will lead you and your team to believe in yourselves and to start on your paths.

Joshua developed from being a socially unskilled geek following the well-worn path into becoming a renaissance man and achiever.

He learned to create meaning, value, purpose, and passion, and to teach others to in fun, experiential ways, even—especially—those who feel introverted, analytical, or disengaged.

Joshua treats performances as art: to lead audience through emotional journey of discovery, enthusiasm, challenge, overcoming resistance, growth, and more. His performances are authentic, genuine, vulnerable, personal, and universal.

Yet they are still based in rigor—remember his Ivy League degrees—not just mere entertainment.

You guided us without giving us the answers, making it a more meaningful and real experience



Unique special occasion?

Joshua listens to your needs, and can customize his message to meet your needs.