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If you want extraordinary performance, know extraordinary performers.

Joshua earned a PhD in Astrophysics and an MBA, both at Columbia University, where he studied under a Nobel Laureate. He teaches and coaches leadership at Columbia, NYU, and privately. He has founded several companies, one operating globally since 1999, with a half-dozen patents to his name. He competed athletically at a national and world level.

He writes from experience and a scientist’s perspective on creating success professionally and personally – leadership, entrepreneurship, emotions, social skills, influence, decision-making, negotiation, conflict resolution, perception, motivation, attraction, managing groups and teams, and more.

He has been quoted and profiled in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Fortune, CNN, and the major broadcast networks.

His coaching clients come from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, JP Morgan, Google, and more.

His clients include graduates of Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Dartmouth, Penn, and more.

Esquire Magazine named him “Best and Brightest” in its annual Genius issue.

You can book him as a coach or speaker.

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Influence and persuasion class starts Saturday

posted by Joshua on January 27, 2015 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership
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This Saturday begins my class at General Assembly on influence and persuasion.

Register here

We call the class “Entrepreneurial Sales” because it teaches entrepreneurial skills and uses a model of selling for the structure, but it’s about broader concepts of influence, persuasion, value, and building relationships based on understanding others’ needs.

I used to think sales was part of the business other people did—something low-level that used pressure and made people feel bad, like selling used cars or souvenirs in tourist traps. Boy was I wrong! Sales is also

  • Getting hired (selling your labor)
  • Hiring people (selling your company’s culture)
  • Pitching proposals (selling your ideas)
  • Getting funded (selling shares in your company)
  • Influencing and persuading others (selling your perspective)
  • Getting promoted (selling your skills)
  • Knowing your customers
  • Knowing your product

Want to improve in any of these areas? This class will help.

The skills I teach in this class build long-term relationships based on understanding and filling each other’s needs and interests so that people come to you.

What if I’m not entrepreneurial?

The most common path to the CEO position in large firms is through sales. If you consult, you selling. Nothing tells you more about your business like meaningful, two-way relationships with your customers about your products and services. If you know how to create those relationships meaningfully and effectively, you’ll rise within your organization.

Contact me if you have any questions, like if the class is right for you. See you Saturday!

Register here

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Non-judgmental Ethics Sunday: Two Cents, Too Late

posted by Joshua on January 25, 2015 in Ethicist, Nonjudgment
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Continuing my series of alternative responses to the New York Times column, The Ethicist, looking at the consequences of one’s actions instead of imposing values on others, here is a take on today’s post, “Two Cents, Too Late.” On public transportation, a young man entered my train car and made an announcement requesting money to[…] Keep reading →