Best and Brightest … Genius — Esquire

A once-in-a-lifetime game-changing advance
in our field everyone else will follow
— Marshall Goldsmith

Astrophysicist turned new media whiz — NBC

Passionate … confident … — Forbes

You don't just learn theory from
him, you improve your life.
— Inc.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard University, Standford University, Princeton University, MTV, IBM, US Army


I speak, podcast, write, blog daily, teach, and coach. The picture above shows me swimming across the Hudson River, among many personal accomplishments. I live a life of joy, integrity, discipline, and community and empower others to do the same.

I'm friendly and my cooking is to die for, so invite yourself over when you're near Greenwich Village.


097: Sir Tim Smit: Changing the World with No Special Skills

on October 23, 2018 in Podcast

Tim Smit is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Eden Project in Cornwall, in the southwest of England. He turned a lifeless, poisoned abandoned mine into a bountiful green world-class garden people love to visit. Eden has attracted millions of visitors and billions of pounds. Tim is a consummate doer—not complainer or blamer—and an environmental campaign and entrepreneur, Tim tells how he met challenges he couldn’t have foreseen. I[…] Keep reading →

A Nobel Peace Prize winner, a couple Greatest of All Time candidates, Olympic medalists, An Americas Cup winner, bestsellers. . . I’m the weak link!

on October 22, 2018 in Leadership

In an under two-week period this month, pursuing influential people for the podcast, I met one of the greatest golfers of all time, Gary Player, at the Gary Player Invitational golf tournament, along with a few other greats and Michael Douglas. I actually shared a golf cart with Mr. Player. I’m scheduled to record a conversation with him for the podcast. I met a Nobel Peace Prize winner and invited[…] Keep reading →

The Ethicist: Can I Trick My Brain-Damaged Brother Into Taking His Meds?

on October 21, 2018 in Ethicist

My series answering the New York Times’ Ethicist column with an active, leadership approach instead of an analytical, philosophical perspective continues with “Can I Trick My Brain-Damaged Brother Into Taking His Meds?”. My older brother suffered a serious brain injury about 10 years ago. His communication skills were hard-hit. He understands some of what people say as long as they speak slowly, but even then concepts are hard and reasoning[…] Keep reading →

A simple, low-cost proposal to reduce pollution

on October 20, 2018 in Choosing/Decision-Making, Nature

How’s this for simple and effective: Require all single-use items to carry a message that they pollute. I’m not sure the best wording, but something like: Short version: This object pollutes and is unnecessary. Please reuse durable alternatives. Long version: This object pollutes and is unnecessary. Making it created greenhouse gases and depletes resources. Disposing of it poisons our food supply. It may take centuries to break down. Using it[…] Keep reading →

096: Chris Bailey: Hyperfocus, The New Science of Attention

on October 19, 2018 in Podcast

Chris Bailey shares how to focus and create intention—how to become more productive on the outside and live with more meaning and purpose on the inside by focusing on what is important to you. Focus isn’t necessarily easy, but Chris shares from personal experience that anyone can improve theirs. He shares to slow down and focus on less in order to make a larger impact. Modern society motivates the opposite,[…] Keep reading →

What ties it all together?

on October 18, 2018 in Habits

People comment that I do things in many areas. A reader asked what ties them together. Since I get the question a lot, I thought I’d answer for easy access. He asked You mention that you write about leadership, education, learning leadership, fitness, personal growth, the environment, and a few related topics. What is the overarching theme that brings all of these topics together? I responded. I’m glad you asked[…] Keep reading →

Answers to common questions on polluting less

on October 17, 2018 in Choosing/Decision-Making, Habits, Nature

A new reader and listener asked some questions I get a lot about polluting less and how to start. I’m sharing the answers so people can find them faster. I’ll preview the questions, then share his whole email for context, with my answers. Feel free to scroll down if you just want the answers. Just the questions: Packaging: What parameters did you start with? Do you buy everything at a[…] Keep reading →

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