Best and Brightest … Genius — Esquire

A once-in-a-lifetime game-changing advance
in our field everyone else will follow
— Marshall Goldsmith

Astrophysicist turned new media whiz — NBC

Passionate … confident … — Forbes

You don't just learn theory from
him, you improve your life.
— Inc.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard University, Standford University, Princeton University, MTV, IBM, US Army


I speak, podcast, write, blog daily, teach, and coach. The picture above shows me swimming across the Hudson River, among many personal accomplishments. I live a life of joy, integrity, discipline, and community and empower others to do the same.

I'm friendly and my cooking is to die for, so invite yourself over when you're near Greenwich Village.


139: Chris Voss, part 1: FBI Hostage negotiation through honesty and fun

on February 18, 2019 in Podcast

When you think of negotiating, do you think of honesty, fun, and openness. How about hostage negotiation with terrorists? Chris Voss brings the experience of negotiating in some of the world’s most challenging situations to teaching you to negotiate and honesty, fun, and openness are some of the top things he brings. How would you like to look forward to your next negotiation that way? He also brings social and[…] Keep reading →

The Ethicist: Was I Wrong to Tell a Friend’s Partner About His Infidelity?

on February 17, 2019 in Ethicist

My series answering the New York Times’ Ethicist column with an active, leadership approach instead of an analytical, philosophical perspective continues with “Was I Wrong to Tell a Friend’s Partner About His Infidelity?”. I am of advanced years but still exercise my profession. Not long ago, after I gave a seminar in my field, a young professional approached me with some questions that I happily answered. We kept in touch,[…] Keep reading →

138: A National Civilian Service Academy

on February 16, 2019 in Podcast

Today’s post covers a dramatic proposal I see as a clear winner. It’s big and bold but everyone benefits from it. Its challenges are in garnering support and implementation, but once started I see it sustaining itself as a national jewel. First some context. I’ve talked about my return from Shanghai a few years ago to a crumbling airport, creaky trains, and crumbling train stations. Anyone can see this nation’s[…] Keep reading →

137: Why Famous Guests

on February 15, 2019 in Podcast

This podcast has featured some world-renowned guests, with more renown to come. Popular downloads include Dan Pink, multiple #1 bestseller, 40+ million TED talk views, Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair and CMO of General Electric, Marshall Goldsmith, #1 ranked leadership guru and author, Frances Hesselbein, Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree, Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Ken Blanchard, author, The One Minute Manager, over 13 million sold, Jonathan Haidt, #1 bestselling[…] Keep reading →

136: Nataly Kogan, part 2: Happiness Comes From Skills You Can Learn

on February 14, 2019 in Podcast

Happiness comes from skills, which you can learn, which Nataly teaches. Environmental action does too. Happiness and living harmoniously with the environment and your values go well together, as would make sense given our environmental history. Many people think starting small isn’t worth it. Watch Nataly’s videos and read her book about improving happiness. Any skill you learn helps you learn other skills. Starting small works. I suspect her experience[…] Keep reading →

135: Why We Want a World Without Growth

on February 13, 2019 in Podcast

People seem to have a hard time imagining a world without growth, specifically economic growth or population growth. There’s personal growth, but I’m talking about materially measurable growth. People seem to believe that economic growth is necessary. I’ve looked and haven’t found any reasonable proof of its necessity. People say you need inflation to keep motivating people, but I don’t see any founding for such a belief besides their unfounded,[…] Keep reading →

134: Tim Kopra, part 1: Seeing Earth from Space

on February 12, 2019 in Podcast

Hearing an astronaut talk about space is unparalleled. I imagine anyone and everyone wants to hear about seeing Earth from space and what launch feels like. You have to listen to hear it from a man who experienced it. Having walked in space twice is a minor part of his achievements. He earned degrees from West Point, the U.S. Army War College, Columbia Business School, and London Business School, on[…] Keep reading →

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