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A video about the idiocy of perpetual growth

on June 5, 2020 in Models, Nature

In physics, if your theory predicts one thing but nature does another, we know nature is right and we change our theory. In economics, if nature doesn’t fit theory, they stick with the theory and try to describe how nature is wrong. Sadly, economists don’t lose their jobs when their theories don’t work and they keep trying to push them, despite not creating the results they want. On the contrary,[…] Keep reading →

The New Right Network hosted me for its Environment Town Hall. Watch the Video.

on May 27, 2020 in Leadership, Nature

Few associate environmental action with the American political right. Many think that community doesn’t care about clean air, water, and land. I don’t buy it. I think they care as much as anyone. How they act is another story, but I see almost no one on the American political left acting any more. I believe politics has made a wedge issue out of something everyone cares about, leading one side[…] Keep reading →

Elon Musk isn’t helping nature

on May 24, 2020 in Leadership, Nature

People keep citing Elon Musk as helping the environment. As best I can tell, most things he does harm the environment—that is, they lower the earth’s ability to sustain life and human society. He might think he’s helping, but I see the pattern going the other way, as I described in my podcast post and episode, Technology won’t solve environmental issues and you know it. One electric car compared to[…] Keep reading →

Americans mistake

on May 22, 2020 in Nature, Nonjudgment

Americans mistake entitlement for luxury comfort and convenience for happiness effort for misery flying for adventure pleasure for emotional reward upvotes for friendship social media for community video games for fun takeout for culture cheap for value volume for quality test scores for knowledge etc and wonder why so many end up addicted to opiates, sugar, etc. The observation probably applies to many modern cultures, but I’m here in the[…] Keep reading →

I planted my first tree!

on May 17, 2020 in Nature

Last October I asked in a post How to plant a tree in New York City?. Yesterday I planted one—a juneberry tree. Here’s the best picture my crappy old camera phone could take of it. In a few years it will grow past my height and deliver delicious juneberries. I didn’t plant it in New York City, but instead in the yard of my mom and stepfather’s house about 90[…] Keep reading →

The Market and the Good podcast hosts me for two episodes

on May 17, 2020 in Audio, Leadership, Nature

Chris Gassman of The Market and the Good podcast posted two episodes with me. The first covered my work in under 10 minutes. Since I described my podcast 4-step process, he chose to try it out, which we did for the second episode, as a deep dive. Most podcast hosts shy away from being guests on their shows. They tend to feel vulnerable at answering questions, especially about stewardship. Chris[…] Keep reading →

Leadership and the Environment Sweden launches!

on May 12, 2020 in Audio, Leadership, Nature, Podcast

Ledarskap och miljön Sverige (in English Leadership and the Environment Sweden) launched today! It is “En podd om att agera på sina värderingar för naturen och att finna glädje och mening i det” or “A podcast about acting on your values for nature and finding joy and meaning in it.” Beautiful! I’m proud to be the first guest. Here’s the first episode: Why start a new branch of Leadership and[…] Keep reading →

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