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Setting up solar panels on my roof in about a minute

on December 1, 2023 in Habits, Nature, Visualization

Since people are asking me since the Daily Show segment See the Daily Show’s segment on me: “Is it Possible to Live “Off the Grid” in Manhattan?” how I live, I’m posting some of what I do. Keep in mind the number one most important start is a mindset shift, then continual improvement. When you have an attitude that you can do it, you figure the technology out. It took[…] Keep reading →

See the Daily Show’s segment on me: “Is it Possible to Live “Off the Grid” in Manhattan?”

on November 29, 2023 in Creativity, Doof, Habits, Leadership, Nature

Here’s just the segment with me: and the whole episode (I appear about 11:10). I liked it more than the New Yorker piece on me, though that’s not saying much. I laughed out loud several times, partly since I remember the recording. For example, after she put the Skittles in the kombucha, we saw their dye run off and they turned an unnatural ghostly white. I wanted to share about[…] Keep reading →

The Daily Show showed my living disconnected from the electric grid in Manhattan.

on November 28, 2023 in Freedom, Leadership, Nature

The Daily Show aired their segment on my disconnecting from the electric grid in Manhattan! I just learned, so haven’t seen it myself yet so can’t comment on it. I hope it was funny, informative, and inspiring. EDIT: I posted the video and some comments on it: See the Daily Show’s segment on me: “Is it Possible to Live “Off the Grid” in Manhattan?”. The point isn’t my personal impact.[…] Keep reading →

You Don’t Need a “Christmas” Tree—a pagan tradition. A reminder of the waste you can avoid.

on November 20, 2023 in Nature, Tips, Visualization

We’re entering Christmas season, when Christians in the U.S. celebrate with a clearly pagan ritual of celebrating a birth in Bethlehem with chopping down fir trees. Presumably this tradition began in northern Europe, unrelated to the middle east. I propose instead of celebrating birth with death and mixing paganism in with Christianity, recognizing that cutting down trees was not likely ever appropriate, but not now. Look at this mess from[…] Keep reading →

Images that changed how we see the world and ourselves. Images that will change us more.

on November 13, 2023 in Nature, Visualization

Before I was born, the image of Earth from space changed not just a generation, but forever how humans saw the Earth and ourselves. It’s hard for me to imagine how seeing that image affected people seeing it for the first time. Here’s one: Here’s another: Projected images after sea-level rise Can you imagine how we’ll feel about the Earth and ourselves after more sea-level rise? I’m sure you’ve seen[…] Keep reading →

Inspirational environmental F-bomb

on November 2, 2023 in Leadership, Nature

You might remember from my conversation with podcast guest Tony Hiss a passage from his book, Rescuing the Planet: Protecting Half the Land to Heal the Earth, that inspired me for the bold story it told. I’m finally copying that passage here. I’ll put in bold the bold part that psyched me up, to ask for what we fucking need: Back in 1997, [Steve] Kallick was with the Pew Charitable[…] Keep reading →

How Environmentalists Fail (Where We Could Use Innovation)

on November 1, 2023 in Nature

Tell most Americans that an airline is investing in “sustainable airplane fuel” and their ability to think critically flies out the window. They’ll believe anything you say that will let them tell themselves they can fly sustainably. Likewise with offsets, anything labeled recyclable, recycled, or compostable: people will presume anything is possible if it lets them avoid stopping polluting and depleting. Yet a few things they consider impossible. However much[…] Keep reading →

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