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Poor people throwing away food

on August 11, 2022 in Nature, Nonjudgment

Regular readers know I volunteer to bring food from stores that throw away stock at the end of the day to a community center. Nearly all that food is fresh. It hasn’t gone bad, they just have new shipments coming in and have to make space. The system is broken. I’m just trying to keep some waste from entering landfills and into peoples’ stomachs. Sometimes people donate food from other[…] Keep reading →

My second month with zero kilowatt-hours

on August 10, 2022 in Leadership, Nature

I got my second bill with zero kilowatt-hours: Everyone‘s response includes speculating how it’s easier for me because I’m (take your pick): single, male, in New York, or privileged in some other way. Nobody speculates why it would be harder for me, like I don’t get economies of scale that I would if someone else were involved. But let’s grant every possible advantage. If you didn’t hear of me doing[…] Keep reading →

American culture today: “Here’s why I can’t” (especially among conservatives, liberals, and libertarians)

on August 7, 2022 in Doof, Nature

I grew up learning that American culture meant can-do. That we took on challenges as a nation and as individuals. When the going got tough, the tough got going. The bigger they come the harder they fall. Now we face a challenge: our lifestyles are lowering Earth’s ability to sustain life, already killing tens of millions a year, projected more. Anyone can tell that we as a nation and every[…] Keep reading →

The causes inside you of our environmental problems

on August 6, 2022 in Leadership, Models, Nature

Think of something you do that pollutes, but you do it anyway. You’ve justified why it’s okay. You’re balancing you desire to do good or whatever on one side with something on the other. Actually, think of all the things you do that pollute, if you can. You’ve justified all of them. At least you do in the moment you do them. Maybe you fly to visit relatives, buy takeout,[…] Keep reading →

On starlight and smog

on August 5, 2022 in Nature

Looking out my window at the night sky, I saw what I thought was a bright star but was a plane. Living in Manhattan, I haven’t seen a star-filled sky in years. Think about what that means. For millions of years, our ancestors could look up at the sky and see stars filling it. It might rain one night or be overcast, but you know what I mean. We evolved[…] Keep reading →

How we kill innovation around sustainability

on August 4, 2022 in Entrepreneurship, Nature

An anecdote reveals how we stifle innovation and entrepreneurship. Regular readers know I lowered my ecological footprint over 90 percent in under three years, improving my life. Governments and corporations can do what I did—once they choose longer to profit from hurting other people by polluting, even if legal. A reporter profiling me said she wanted to pollute less too but couldn’t figure out what to do about disposable Keurig[…] Keep reading →

What’s the right amount of pollution? How much should you pollute?

on August 3, 2022 in Nature

Ask yourself: what’s the right amount of pollution per person? Cheap plastic has led to nearly every item sold in supermarkets being packaged. How long can we live when every single thing we eat, a necessity for life, pollutes and hurts people? When you think about it, I think you’ll realize with eight billion people, if everyone pollutes forever we eventually drown in pollution. I can only conclude the right[…] Keep reading →

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