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Research: Most people care about climate but think they’re doing more than others. *sigh*

on May 29, 2023 in Nature

Friend and podcast guest Chase pointed out a couple headlines that may not spell doom, but don’t portend well for sustainability. Both are from a site that compiles interesting science news, Science Direct. I’ll post only the headlines, but you can click to read the whole articles. Do you see the problem in the following? Most people feel ‘psychologically close’ to climate change and The majority consider themselves more environmentally[…] Keep reading →

Year Two With the Circuit Open Between My Apartment and the Electric Grid

on May 24, 2023 in Leadership, Nature

Everyone talks about how hard transitioning to living sustainably is. They haven’t tried it—that is, seriously changing culture, not just trying to avoid straws. Yes, by practicing with easier things like avoiding packaged food, I prepared myself somewhat, but no way could I have predicted I could live for over a year with my apartment disconnected from the grid. Why couldn’t I have predicted it? Because I believed the lies[…] Keep reading →

Eight billion people behaving unsustainably will never become sustainable.

on May 23, 2023 in Nature

Do you know anyone living sustainably? I don’t. A few hundred thousand, maybe a few million, in indigenous cultures may still be living sustainably, as nearly everyone did before a couple centuries ago or so. They’re a rounding error, sadly. You can say individual action doesn’t matter, but 1) it does and 2) all of us have to start living sustainably. Why do people think everyone can live unsustainably and[…] Keep reading →

Love and marriage don’t cause pollution. Stop using them as excuses.

on May 22, 2023 in Models, Nature, Relationships

How many times have I heard about polluting and depleting less, “You can do those things because you’re single.”? I know when people rationalize and justify their inaction, say by saying it’s easier for me or particularly harder for them, they aren’t speaking rationally. They’re protecting their vulnerabilities, suppressing and denying that they are hurting others, acting against their deepest values. Still, it seems worth it to list a few[…] Keep reading →

Day 365* unplugged

on May 21, 2023 in Leadership, Nature

The electric grid here pollutes and depletes with every form of power it uses: nuclear, wind, solar, coal, gas, hydro, and everything else. Polluting and depleting kills people and causes unnecessary suffering. I don’t want to pay for and otherwise cause killing and unnecessary suffering. Last year, on May 22, I unplugged everything in my apartment that drew power from the grid. My goal was to remain disconnected for one[…] Keep reading →

Spring 2023 pictures of my sledding hill

on May 20, 2023 in Nature

I visited Philadelphia this weekend and took spring pictures of my sledding hill in a light drizzle. I recommend scrolling through the slide show, clicking on the arrow, since it’s like an animation. I took a picture, walked a few yards, took the next picture, and so on. Scroll down for the images laid out and the video of my TEDx talk that refers to it. I hope you don’t[…] Keep reading →

How can you oppose imperialism and live unsustainably?

on May 19, 2023 in Nature

I wrote about how polluting and depleting come from imperialism. Polluting means dumping your stuff on other places. You don’t want your car exhaust, jet exhaust, and disposable diapers in your home, right? It ends up in someone’s. Depleting means taking from others’ homes too. You don’t get your gasoline from your back yard. Yet every person I know or know of who imposes imperialism and its usual results of[…] Keep reading →

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