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My latest six fermentations, by reader request

on January 7, 2022 in Nature, Tips, Visualization

Readers have asked me to post more on preparing food. As you know, one of my biggest motivations is accessibility. I try to promote what anyone can do and to show how to do it. My sister asked me for pictures of my fermentations in action. I happen to have a few going, so took pictures of them. I thought making a video would help show what to expect. Before[…] Keep reading →

Annual Christmas tree dumping

on January 1, 2022 in Nonjudgment, Visualization

You will find nobody who values ritual and tradition than a man who hasn’t missed his twice-daily calisthenics in over ten years. When times change so that your rituals and traditions hurt rather than help, sticking with them will hurt you. The Christmas tree ritual and tradition may have once delighted and may still within the home, but systemically, it’s hurting. It doesn’t make sense either. Connecting fir trees, elves,[…] Keep reading →

How to Create a Sustainability Movement: sneak preview of my book and workshops

on December 24, 2021 in Leadership, Nature, Visualization

On a call with Dan McPherson, podcast guest and friend, I mentioned recent advances on my book and how to lead people and create a movement. We decided to record part of the call sharing my screen. It’s based on my work on This Sustainable Life leading hundreds of world-renowned guests to live joyfully sustainably based on intrinsic motivation. Nearly all return for second episodes. Many refer me to peers[…] Keep reading →

How to reform taxes: A chess model

on December 5, 2021 in Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Tips, Visualization

People are proposing wealth taxes People are talking about taxing wealth. Everyone relies on society so if you own more, you use more and benefited more, they say, so should pay more. Besides, they add, the wealthy can structure what anyone would call income so it doesn’t look like income on taxes so avoid paying any taxes. Moreover, they further add, there’s no “natural” law that makes wealth untaxable, so[…] Keep reading →

Why everything will collapse (someone else’s video)

on November 12, 2021 in Nature, Visualization

I rarely post other people’s content as the main part of my blog, but this video put together a lot of what is predicted to happen the way a few generations ago people predicted global warming and sea level rise. People doubted it not for disagreeing with the observations and predictions but because they didn’t want to believe. It made them feel bad. The global economy and human population collapse,[…] Keep reading →

I graphed my ecological footprint, according to the Global Footprint Network

on October 30, 2021 in Nature, Visualization

The Global Footprint Network posts an online calculator that tells you your footprint (the site defines the term. It’s not vague.) It also shows footprints for every country. I’ve posted my results before, but didn’t graph them, which makes them easier to see. If someone as addicted to modern life as I was could change that much, anyone can. The more resources someone has the harder to change, in my[…] Keep reading →

Another morning walk seeing litter in my neighborhood.

on September 24, 2021 in Nature, Visualization

I took another early morning walk last weekend to take pictures of our world. New York City seems intent on pushing more outdoor restaurants. They aren’t the only cause of this situation, but they augment it. I’m sad anyone has to see things like this. If you want commentary, watch my videos in my post Pride Destroyed the Park. If you want to help, say by lowering litter in your[…] Keep reading →

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