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Americans are so addicted, they can’t see our unbalanced their “balance” is

on January 19, 2024 in Addiction, Perception, Relationships

Every time someone tells me they balance their behavior regarding the environment, guaranteed the next thing they say will concern only themselves. They want to help the environment but they want to live their life too. They want not to pollute but they can’t afford not to fly. They want to eat less meat but they want to stay healthy. For one thing, most of what they say doesn’t make[…] Keep reading →

How sweet vegetables have become. They used to taste bland.

on January 16, 2024 in Doof, Fitness, Nature, Perception

Vegetables have been blowing me away with their sweetness lately. For years since stopping consuming doof nearly completely, I’ve been finding fresh produce increasingly delicious. I usually say how I used to consider Ben and Jerry’s delicious and apples relatively bland. Now apples taste sweeter than ice cream ever did. In time, more vegetables have come to taste sweeter than fruit used to. I don’t think their composition changed. I[…] Keep reading →

I’m pointing to a brighter future. They keep looking at my hand.

on January 12, 2024 in Models, Perception

I finally found how to describe how the New Yorker and other outlets covered me: I’m pointing to a brighter future. They keep looking at my hand. The New Yorker wrote how I have dirt under my fingernails, which you get when you dig deep. I can’t blame anyone. It’s no one else’s responsibility for me to be understood. My book should help change this outcome, where I can clarify[…] Keep reading →

Us from their perspective

on April 7, 2023 in Models, Perception

We invented washing machines and things like it to remove the need for backbreaking labor every day just to survive. We created vaccines to cure and anesthesia to remove pain. Why would anyone consider reverting to the Stone Age, risk it, or even move in that direction? Moving backward is the last thing we should do. Why give up on what we worked so hard for? Yet cultures remain that[…] Keep reading →

Meditation: Thoughts aren’t just ideas that arise and pass away. Each wants to hook you.

on November 27, 2022 in Awareness, Exercises, Freedom, Perception

Meditation instructors often talk about thoughts arising and passing away in consciousness, as if they just come out of nowhere and go to nowhere. I’ve found otherwise. No part of your mind is superfluous. The human brain uses up too much energy for evolution to allow unnecessary parts to persist. Each part does something that helped your ancestors survive and pass their genes on to you. For example, some part[…] Keep reading →

I’d rather see it so I can act than act like I don’t see it.

on June 13, 2022 in Nature, Perception

I was picking up litter with a friend and colleague, describing why I do it, even though most people say it’s pointless. Why wouldn’t I clean any space I live in? Anyway, when the phrase in the subject came out: “I’d rather see it so I can act than act like I don’t see it.“ we both identified it as catchy and worth writing about. I don’t like sweeping problems[…] Keep reading →

Cities aren’t loud, cars are.

on February 28, 2022 in Freedom, Perception, Visualization

I prefer writing my own posts, but some material is so valuable but not what the internet will spread enough, and I post them. The material in question is a series called Not Just Bikes, by a guy born in Canada who moved to Holland, preferred how the Dutch designed their cities, and makes videos describing what they do that works. I love the videos. I probably refer more people[…] Keep reading →

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