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Asking for help is leading.

on October 14, 2021 in Leadership, Nonjudgment

Do you avoid asking for help because you feel like it might present you as not knowing something you should, or lower in status than the person you ask for help? I would. I felt like it made me look ignorant and lesser. But asking someone for help is an act of leadership. It leads them to help you. I’m not saying this is a deep realization, but I think[…] Keep reading →

The two biggest chips on my shoulder

on September 17, 2021 in Awareness, Nonjudgment

Since sharing my September 11 experience on the podcast, I lost $10 million on September 11, 2001. Here is what I learned from those who sacrificed and served, I’ve shared my story of loss with friends and family. As I have for twenty years, I hedged describing that loss with the context of those who died, those who volunteered to put themselves in harm’s way with the intent to defend[…] Keep reading →

Why you shouldn’t live sustainably (not really): Coming clean about my shameful sponge

on September 4, 2021 in Habits, Leadership, Nature, Nonjudgment, Visualization

Every time I look at my floor sponge I think, “it’s beyond the end of its life. Time to get rid of it.” Below are pictures of the front and back. It’s in tatters. But look at the third picture. It still cleans the floor. Why get rid of something that works? I’ve cleaned my floor every fifth day without fail for about five years, maybe more. I do it[…] Keep reading →

Space: The Final Frontier, hear me on America Out Loud on space, space travel, and astrophysics

on August 14, 2021 in Education, Nature, Nonjudgment

With the recent civilian billionaires heading to space, Rob and Andrew invited me as a guest on their show After Dark on America Out Loud to speak about space, humans going there, and my helping build satellites with NASA and ESA (the European Space Agency). I haven’t gotten to nerd out on my rocket-based work in years, even decades. I don’t remember the hard equations since I’m out of practice,[…] Keep reading →

On sustainability, technology is not the solution. It’s more part of the problem.

on August 1, 2021 in Nonjudgment, Perception

How many times have you heard people suggest the answer to our environmental problems is more technology? Have you heard of carcinogens or other toxic chemicals coming from places other than our technology? I guess some things like animal venom or naturally occurring heavy metals, but there aren’t too many of them. Volcanoes may emit carbon dioxide, but not enough to raise Earth’s temperature by a degree per decade. For[…] Keep reading →

What would you say to a slave trader in 1806 England or 1860 U.S. who feared for his or her profession?

on July 28, 2021 in Freedom, Nonjudgment

Go back and listen to my conversations with the writers who wrote on slavery: Adam Hoschschild and his book Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves Eric Metaxas and his book Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery Manisha Sinha and her book The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition Andrés Reséndez and his book The Other Slavery: The[…] Keep reading →

A pile of ten syringes outside a luxury building by Washington Square Park. Where is Mayor De Blasio?

on July 24, 2021 in Nonjudgment

I’ve posted about finding used syringes in Washington Square Park and Penn Station. Besides the syringes, I described my unexpected wincing at seeing someone inject in broad daylight. Today I sat in the park working on my computer in the area where people use openly. One woman sat on the bench I did, over six feet away, just on the other side of the metal arm rest, got out a[…] Keep reading →

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