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Assaulted again in broad daylight

on May 19, 2022 in Nonjudgment, Stories

In Washington Square Park, I was sitting on a bench talking to a friend. A person came up and, unprovoked, started threatening me. I’ve written and recorded podcast episodes about the many times I’ve been assaulted and mugged, as far back as some of my earliest memories. I understand “battery” means physically hurting someone and “assault” means threatening it, which this person did. It began by him approaching and starting[…] Keep reading →

I loathe being interrupted, but here’s when to do it. I’ll thank you for it.

on May 8, 2022 in Nonjudgment

I can’t stand when people interrupt me. I don’t like myself when I do it either. But there is at least one time when I would consider you my friend for interrupting me. More than interruptions, I can’t stand when someone who can do something and believes they should but has filled their head and heart with some cockamamie limiting belief. They say they can’t get in shape, get promoted,[…] Keep reading →

What if you believe life begins at conception? Is that belief part of diversity and inclusion?

on May 7, 2022 in Choosing/Decision-Making, Nonjudgment

Abortion is in the news, which hinges on when a sperm and egg transition to becoming a life protected by the law. My world is filled with people whose beliefs in the supernatural differ from mine and whose conflicts with others’ supernatural beliefs cause suffering and death around the world. Their justification seems to be nothing more than strong feeling that they’re right, yet people they disagree with justify themselves[…] Keep reading →

Reading and listening to the Christian Bible

on April 21, 2022 in Audio, Nonjudgment

I’ll tell you a great relieving feeling of my life. It comes from stories non-straight friends have shared, as well as stories from non-straight people I’ve read. They tell me of being raised in a mostly straight world, expected to be straight. Everyone’s story is unique, but several have shared of realizing they never were straight. They may have gone through the motions and even felt it at times, but[…] Keep reading →

The book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels; freedom, ingenuity, progress, and related books, videos, and resources.

on March 26, 2022 in Freedom, Nature, Nonjudgment

I’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies on the environment and leadership. The ones I find most valuable I put on my environmental leadership resource page. Recently, I read the New York Times bestseller The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein. I put a brief summary of his case, as I understand it, at the bottom of this post. I had seen the[…] Keep reading →

Who sees the other as more racist and sexist, the left or the right?

on March 18, 2022 in Nonjudgment

I think both the political left and right want to end racism and sexism, but as best I can tell, each considers the other as racist and sexist to the core, while they see their own movement as maybe having had some of each in its past, but it’s made them less so for the lessons. Can you tell which group seems more racist and sexist from the other’s perspective?[…] Keep reading →

One of the tragedies of addiction

on March 16, 2022 in Nonjudgment, Relationships

The tragedy I want to point out today isn’t on the scale of people losing their futures or their lives, or funding the organizations that supply the cause of the addiction and death, like drug cartels, the Sackler family, McDonald’s, or their peers. (I would bet of the drug cartels, Sackler family, and McDonald’s, McDonald’s and its doof caused the loss of more cumulative years of life than the other[…] Keep reading →

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