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New Vitals: 99/63 / 47 bpm / 20.2 BMI

on October 3, 2023 in Fitness, Freedom, Habits

A third trip to the doctor this year feels like a lot, but I went again for routine, preventative stuff and they took my vitals again. I don’t have a good picture like last time, so I can only show a screen shot of the email, but here they are from last week: Blood pressure 99/63 looks normal. Back to a pulse of 47 beats per minute, and that was[…] Keep reading →

Yoga pants and athliesure are popular. Are they 100 percent plastic?

on September 4, 2023 in Fitness

A few years ago I led an Earth Day workshop at Lululemon’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue. I think it’s a flagship store, anyway. The main guy leading thing from Lululemon’s side told me how much he loved the company’s culture. He said at the store, despite him working and others shopping, everyone felt like they were part of a community of mutual support. Since I focus on sustainability, he[…] Keep reading →

Selected New Experiences, September 3, 2023

on September 3, 2023 in Fitness, Habits, Nature, SIDCHAs

I’ve been posting Sundays about the books and movies I finished that week. This week I didn’t finish any new books or movies, but I did a few new things. A New Vegetable for Me: Jicama I discovered a new vegetable this week, jicama: I’d never heard of the vegetable, but I saw a bunch of them in the food scrap bin when I dropped mine off. They looked like[…] Keep reading →

What I ate in the last 24 hours, August 2023

on August 25, 2023 in Fitness, Habits, Nature

In preparation for recording a second podcast episode with Dr. Michael Greger of, I tracked what I ate for 24 hours. I didn’t plan or do anything differently. I still have no fridge or power from the electric grid, nor do I cook with gas. I do use the pressure cooker powered by my solar panels. The last time I tracked twenty-four hours of ingredients was February, for comparison.[…] Keep reading →

Why I’m stronger and more tired than ever

on August 23, 2023 in Fitness

Does being stronger than ever conflict with being more tired than ever? I’ll show they don’t conflict. My six-day exercise cycle means that every other day I either do full-body weight-bearing exercises (Turkish get-ups, kettlebell swings, and farmers walks), three sets of six lifts (two leg, two push, two pull), or a cardiovascular exercise. Other days I recover, though on all days I still do my burpee-based calisthenics. On recovery[…] Keep reading →

Blood pressure normal, pulse: 51 bpm. Old man still got it.

on August 18, 2023 in Fitness, Habits

In May a nurse measured my pulse at 47 beats per minute and my blood pressure 122 over 73. Today one measured my pulse at 51 beats per minute and my blood pressure 107 over 68. I’d like my pulse lower, but the web says it’s still in athlete level. I’m glad to see my blood pressure normal. I’m not sure which is more important for health between pulse and[…] Keep reading →

On living your values with kids and a job

on June 3, 2023 in Fitness, Habits, SIDCHAs

Tell someone with kids or a job that you pollute less and they will tell you they can’t because of kids and a job. Then they’ll lecture you about your ignorance and how you couldn’t understand what it’s like, never mind that humans have had kids and had to work to eat and for shelter for 300,000 years. Have you read about the woman, Candice Burt, who ran fifty kilometers[…] Keep reading →

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