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Graduated to a new kettlebell: 70 pounds (31.8kg)

on September 8, 2021 in Fitness

Normally I avoid quick and dirty posts, but I’m tired from carrying home a used 70-pound kettlebell I bought from Queens by subway. That’s many blocks of farmer’s walks and carrying that thing down stairs into the subway, back up to the surface, and up the stairs to my apartment. Maybe half a mile walking plus six or seven flights of stairs. It’s almost midnight and I want to post[…] Keep reading →

Notes from biking from New York City to Philadelphia over the weekend

on September 1, 2021 in Fitness, Nature

Saturday and Sunday I rode over 100 miles from New York to Philadelphia, sleeping overnight in Princeton as a fundraiser for an organization creating a bike route from Maine to Florida called the East Coast Greenway. Technically we started in Jersey City, just across the Hudson River. I took the subway instead of swimming. Saturday we rode about 65 to 70 miles, Sunday 40. I rode an extra 10 or[…] Keep reading →

They’re creating a bike route from Maine to Florida. Sponsor me in a fundraising ride!

on August 20, 2021 in Fitness, Nature

Imagine a Green I-95 Imagine you could ride a bike the length of the United States east coast. Would it fix all the worlds problems? Not by itself, but it would open possibilities to travel enjoying nature instead of polluting it. How many people might ride and camp instead of drive? What signal might it send to increase biking in the U.S.? I am riding in the East Coast Greenway[…] Keep reading →

Inspired to my first run in almost a year: 9 miles. Still plogging.

on August 18, 2021 in Fitness, Habits, SIDCHAs, Stories

I finished six marathons and my exercise habit began by joining the cross country team in high school in 1986. Ultimate had a lot of running in it. Practice led me to love running. I didn’t at first, when I struggled. I’ve had my share of running injuries. Last year I started running barefoot, inspired by podcast guest Nir Eyal. Over the winter I tend to row inside on the[…] Keep reading →

How to transform my famous no-packaging vegan stew into restaurant food

on August 11, 2021 in Fitness, Humor

Do you love restaurant food? I figured out how to make restaurant-quality food based on mine. It’s easy and works every time. Start by making my famous no-packaging vegan stew, which I describe in How to make my famous no-packaging vegetable stew and showed on video in Vegan Seitan Stew, 4 minutes prep time (video). Then follow these four easy steps. How to make my stew restaurant quality in four[…] Keep reading →

Food poisoning and burpees nearly as hard as after a marathon

on August 5, 2021 in Fitness, Habits, SIDCHAs

Meeting myself as I did yesterday and today happens once every couple of years. It turns out the wild blueberries I thought I was picking were black nightshade. Black nightshade apparently comes in edible and toxic varieties and I seem to have eaten the toxic kind. First things first. If you see these adorable looking berries, I recommend thinking twice. It was hard for me to type the word adorable[…] Keep reading →

Olympic devastation that could be local fun instead

on July 23, 2021 in Fitness

I love sports and believe they bring people together. They can help bridge cultural divides. Having played ultimate in North Korea, I’ve seen it in action. Here’s Jordan Harbinger with a kid throwing a Frisbee we brought to the first International tournament in Pyongyang, North Korea. Sports also help us find our potentials and reach them. They help keep us healthy by promoting fitness. I read that the Olympics involves[…] Keep reading →

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