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Exercise: Imagine a Day Without Doof

on May 17, 2021 in Exercises, Fitness

Here’s an exercise, just to imagine something: Imagine 24 hours without ingesting any doof—that is, without putting anything in your mouth whose primary pleasure comes from added salt, added sugar, added fat, or convenience. Nothing packaged. You know you can do it. That is, you know you possess the ability to do it. You know humans lived that way for almost all of human history. I’m not saying doof is[…] Keep reading →

Pollution:Earth :: Obesity:Body

on May 8, 2021 in Fitness, Freedom, Habits, Nature, Tips, Visualization

This headline, Goodwill Doesn’t Want Your Broken Toaster, reminding me of my recent post that lines to dump worthless junk on Goodwill are often longer than the lines to buy it prompted me to post an idea I’ve had for a long time but for some reason haven’t posted. Pollution on the Earth is obesity on our bodies, manifesting our values and behaviors in different places. This: is this: The[…] Keep reading →

I Saw A Guy Eating Ice Cream With Zero Joy

on May 5, 2021 in Fitness, Habits, Nonjudgment

Over the weekend I went to Washington Square Park to read, so I was there for a couple hours. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Bright and just hot enough that you’d want to avoid the sun but not so hot that you couldn’t stand it. A guy sat on a bench diagonally across from me with a cup of ice cream from a nearby store. Besides him, I would[…] Keep reading →

At a loss for words at people playing with their fat

on May 4, 2021 in Fitness, Nonjudgment, Visualization

I’m no Shakespeare, but I think I express myself well with words. Despite everyone telling me to use it more, I don’t use social media that much. Someone shared the video below. I tried to describe it to someone. I said, “These two women were showing off their fat and it looked like. . .” And I found myself unable to find anything else in nature or my experience that[…] Keep reading →

The Benefits of Staying Local

on April 23, 2021 in Fitness, Nature, Stories

I would have viewed avoiding flying as missing out until I experienced what happens when I don’t fly. I don’t sit in the corner crying, feeling sorry for myself. I develop the skills to create what I used to pay for. I’ll give a few examples how avoiding flying, or as I put it now, staying local, enriched my life. Wondering how I’d get off North America, I took sailing[…] Keep reading →

Month 6, Day 1: Fridge still off (Happy Earth Day)

on April 22, 2021 in Creativity, Fitness, Freedom, Nature, Tips

Today marks the first day of my sixth month with my fridge unplugged. My past two months’ electrical charges from Con Ed were $1.70. I used about two percent the average American’s power use. I’m still avoiding packaging, so no cans or other sealed stuff. On the contrary, I’m finding fresh vegetables and fruit stay a long time without refrigeration. Here’s my podcast episode describing my motivation. It’s not about[…] Keep reading →

3 minor fitness successes

on April 17, 2021 in Fitness, Habits

1. My heaviest kettlebell is 28 kilograms or 63 pounds. Now, exercises I couldn’t do at that weight I can do several sets of. It feels great to be able to do something easily that I used to be unable to do. I thought about getting a 32 kilogram (70 pound) on. Now I’ve decided to get one. Nothing special about moving up a weight. What feels rewarding is that[…] Keep reading →

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