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How a Nation With No Racists Can Appear Half-Racist to Everyone in It

on July 13, 2021 in Education, Models, Nonjudgment

Recent New York Times stories, Harvard Victory Pushes Admissions Case Toward a More Conservative Supreme Court and Affirmative Action Cases May Reach Supreme Court Even Without Trump, both by Anemona Hartocollis, lay bare a national divide. [Note: You may notice the “recent” stories are from last year. I wrote this post soon after the articles but held back on posting it. I keep reading about well-meaning people apparently deliberately misunderstood[…] Keep reading →

The scams that keep us from solving our environmental problems

on June 17, 2021 in Models, Nature

The greenhouse effect was front page news in the 1980s and known long before. Plus plastic, mercury, deforestation, extinctions, and you’ve read the front page. You know the problems. We don’t just not act. We tell ourselves lies that we’ll solve the problem. We’ve told ourselves lie after lie, scam after scam, to keep from changing our behavior. The Scams The following are all scams that delay acting. None of[…] Keep reading →

How I keep going when I feel like giving up (which is often)

on June 8, 2021 in Choosing/Decision-Making, Models, Tips

If you choose to act on sustainability, you will face darkness. You will want to give up. You will feel alone, misunderstood. I don’t say so to dissuade, but to prepare to face a part of all of us. Nobody is polluting because they are monsters. We’re all human. What is the alternative to confronting this part of us? To give up? To try to ignore and forget and try[…] Keep reading →

Should streams have rights? Should corporations?

on May 2, 2021 in Models, Nature, Nonjudgment

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love spending time in nature and want to conserve it so it can regenerate. Still, even I considered the idea of giving rights to animals and nature weird and possibly counter productive. This article’s headline made me cringe at first, Streams and lakes have rights, a US county decided. Now they’re suing Florida: How can streams have rights? How can they sue?[…] Keep reading →

Learned helplessness and managing population

on March 16, 2021 in Models, Nature

Martin Seligman is known as the father of positive psychology. In his words, “when I started, psychology was all about fear, conflict, struggle, and competition. I was part of movement that changed it to be also about meaning, control, love, engagement, accomplishment, success, and hope.” He started that change by chance. In 1967, studying depression and responses to challenges, he discovered an unexpected result in dogs. He had administered an[…] Keep reading →

Can people collaborate across lines of nationality, skin color, etc when it counts?

on March 7, 2021 in Models, Relationships

I grew up learning about the Great American Melting Pot. It said that Americans came from all over the world but that spending time together would create a common culture of collaboration. As a kid, I didn’t question that things would work that way. Someone in the families of everyone I knew had arrived here not that long before. at least as far as I knew. I didn’t think to[…] Keep reading →

Debunking the myth that an ageing population is a problem.

on March 6, 2021 in Models, Nature

An observation based on my experience with physics and economics: both fields create models that predict how nature will behave, often people for economists. Then we observe nature and people. In physics if nature contradicts our predictions, we say we’re wrong and the model needs fixing. When people behave differently than economists predict, economists say people are wrong and need fixing. Economists claim that a country’s or the world’s population[…] Keep reading →

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