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Why do so many people lecture me on what it’s like to be a straight white male?

on October 21, 2021 in Awareness, Models, Nonjudgment

Why do so many people lecture me on what it’s like to be a straight white male, and why is what they say invariably unlike my life? Do they tell other people what they should be like due to their sexuality, skin color, and sex? Why do they presume to know so much about me and what motivates them to tell me about my life? Why do they tell me[…] Keep reading →

You knew flying, plastic, etc were too good to be true. You didn’t earn them.

on October 7, 2021 in Models

It’s nice to think of how lovely flying and plastic are, so convenient and amazing, especially if you ignore the parts you don’t like. Both are recent inventions, along with countless others. Humans lived without them for hundreds of thousands of years. Why didn’t people develop them before? Because they weren’t smart enough? No, our ancestors’ brains a few hundred thousand years ago were like ours. We wouldn’t have them[…] Keep reading →

Teamwork will elevate us to victory

on September 12, 2021 in Leadership, Models, Nature

Can anyone imagine a sports or business team suggesting the way to success is to ignore teamwork and only focus on individual action? Here is what winning as a team looks like. You can imagine how it feels. When I hear someone say, “one person’s actions don’t matter”, “only governments and corporations can make a difference,” and the like, I want to let them in on how a come-from-behind victory[…] Keep reading →

The twisted, non-thinking of economists thinking economies must grow or they’ll collapse

on July 27, 2021 in Education, Models

Growth-based economics is so twisted, it acts as if degrowth is hard. Imagine the case of an island with enough resources to sustain, say, five thousand people with five thousand people living on it. Should they grow the population? Might deliberately choosing to limit birthrate to bring the population to, say, four thousand make them more resilient in case of a natural disaster that limited food production one year? If[…] Keep reading →

Know the 2 carbon cycles and don’t confuse them.

on July 25, 2021 in Models, Nature, Visualization

Can we grow enough forests and use enough regenerative agriculture to sequester enough carbon to undo global warming? To answer this question you have to understand the two carbon cycles. I’m simplifying, but you can think of two different cycles of carbon. One is the regular life cycle of carbon-based life forms. When something lives, it contains carbon, including trees, humans, and everything living in dirt and the oceans. When[…] Keep reading →

How a Nation With No Racists Can Appear Half-Racist to Everyone in It

on July 13, 2021 in Education, Models, Nonjudgment

Recent New York Times stories, Harvard Victory Pushes Admissions Case Toward a More Conservative Supreme Court and Affirmative Action Cases May Reach Supreme Court Even Without Trump, both by Anemona Hartocollis, lay bare a national divide. [Note: You may notice the “recent” stories are from last year. I wrote this post soon after the articles but held back on posting it. I keep reading about well-meaning people apparently deliberately misunderstood[…] Keep reading →

The scams that keep us from solving our environmental problems

on June 17, 2021 in Models, Nature

The greenhouse effect was front page news in the 1980s and known long before. Plus plastic, mercury, deforestation, extinctions, and you’ve read the front page. You know the problems. We don’t just not act. We tell ourselves lies that we’ll solve the problem. We’ve told ourselves lie after lie, scam after scam, to keep from changing our behavior. The Scams The following are all scams that delay acting. None of[…] Keep reading →

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