Coaching works.

My clients succeed. You can achieve more too.

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Why coaching

I also have a coach. For the reason Michael Jordan did. It works. It’s how great achievers achieve. Coaching helps you succeed. It helps with the following too.

  • Have you not found life passions yet?
  • Do you leave unfulfilled projects you care about?
  • Do you dream about projects without starting them?
  • Do you not even dream big?
  • Do your great house, job, and car leave you unfulfilled?
  • Do you want to lead?
  • Do you think if only you had a better house/job/spouse/car/etc. then you’d be happy?
  • Do you dream bigger dreams than your peers and want help making them happen?

Who gets coached by me

I’ve coached nearly a hundred clients from executives at major financial firms to college students for life, executive, and leadership coaching, even relationship and dating coaching and more to stellar reviews.

My clients tend to be just before or after the cusp of leadership -– preparing for leadership positions or recently promoted and finding their new positions require new skills books can’t teach.

Many young professionals looking for direction in their careers have found me too.

The Process

Typically we meet in person, online, or by phone weekly or bi-weekly.

The first meeting, which is free, generally covers you, your goals, my methods, and if we match. If we do, we continue. If not, you have no obligation to continue.

At ongoing meetings I help you know and refine your goals, to give you an unbiased perspective, and to hold you accountable on your progress. I usually give you exercises to help you develop between meetings.

My no-risk pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth guarantee (see below) motivates me to create satisfied customers. Your achieving your goal becomes my goal. I want to make you able to improve on your own, independently of me.

No-risk first session

Our first trial session is free with no obligation to continue.

The first session is about you –- your situation, your goals, what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, and your expectations –- and us -– how we’ll work together.

If we don’t match, we don’t have to continue. You’ll probably get value from preparing for and having that conversation, so you might as well set up a call.

Pay what you think it’s worth

My clients have had such overwhelming success working with me, I offer the following no-risk offer:

If you book three months (twelve sessions) and make each session on time, at the end of the twelfth session you decide if the coaching was worth what you paid and I will refund up to 100% of what you paid.

What you won’t get

I coach because I love it, I’m good at it, and my clients see results.

You’ll get no vague or new-age anything from me (unless you request it). Everything we do will make sense. You’ll know why you do what you do. Any principle we work on I’ll explain as much as you want.

I have a single-minded focus on helping you improve your life. I can’t learn skills for you. Only you can. I help you to understand what you want and guide you there through your behavior. I hold you accountable. I have a friendly tone, but if I have to choose between being friendly and helping you improve your life, I’ll help you improve your life.

“Very insightful and effective”

I contacted Josh as tech co-founder in an IT-business. Outwardly things were going well but personally awful.

A combination of a few big personal problems and little skills in business and leadership was a recipe for disaster.

An opportunity came to exit my company and I took it. Over a couple of months Josh helped me negotiate a successful exit—to this day one of my biggest learning and growth experiences that transformed how I look at business and leadership.

I continued coaching with Josh after the exit and I learned a complete system for both leadership and entrepreneurship.

It’s sometimes difficult to see how much his coaching has influenced me and how I do things. Probably because many of these exercises aren’t difficult, but very insightful and effective.

But some things definitely changed. I’m way more responsible than ever and I constantly strive to do more. I’m more structured and systematic with challenges, which leads to me being more successful. And when I want others to follow me I take care to make sure that they do it for their reasons.

I could go on and on. It’s hard to overstate the results. Our work applies not just to business but to all of life.

Josh also helped me organize an event with speakers and an audience of about 70, something I thought would be completely impossible for me when he suggested it. But in the end it succeeded wildly, getting media coverage, job offers, and everyone involved said they were happy to be involved.

Now, over a year since I stopped the one on one coaching with Josh I’ve integrated what I practiced. It’s given me time and space to work on things I’ve struggled with for a long time, things that only I can deal with. In this ongoing process I find meaning, value, importance and purpose.

I feel resilient to what life throws at me and the skills and experiences Josh helped me develop have been tremendously important.

— Andreas

“He gave me tools I could use right away to improve”

“I was introduced to Josh by a mutual friend who knew of my two interests: balancing my priorities and improving my negotiating skills.

I had more on my schedule than I could handle and I was finding it difficult to decide what to keep and what to drop. Josh taught me a powerful way to prioritize: openly communicate my values with people who make demands on my time. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I was able to reduce the time I spent on less important activities while improving my relationships with the people involved.

The same approach worked with negotiation. I had always thought that I was a good negotiator, but a series of negotiations in which I did not get what I had hoped for, made me realize I could benefit from some coaching. I am happy that I decided to work with Josh. In just a few sessions, he gave me tools I could use right away to improve how I negotiate. More importantly, Josh changed my mindset. Now when I negotiate, I focus more on my values and interests while building a relationship with the other person.

The improvement has been immediate.

Thank you, Josh!”

— N. A.

“It will help everyone . . . It’s awakening.”

It will help everyone in every aspect of their life. Overall life. Not just leadership. Everything from leadership to relationships to taking care of yourself. It’s awakening. It wakes you up to see freedom that people don’t understand. It teaches you what freedom is.

— J. K.

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