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DARVO: how many people feeling guilt and shame protect themselves (including polluters/depleters)

on March 19, 2024 in Nonjudgment, Relationships

I forget what led me to learn the acronym DARVO (see below for definition and more), but it sounded like how people respond to sustainability talk. I read a few articles and watched a few videos on it (also below). They mostly talk about it as something narcissists do, though Wikipedia says “perpetrators of wrongdoing” do it, so not surprising that I see it in polluters. Identifying the pattern and[…] Keep reading →

Tough January: About three weeks with almost no sun. Learning in uncharted territory.

on January 31, 2024 in Leadership, Nature, Relationships

Check the calendar below. I count three days mostly sunny in the past 23 days. Everything else has been mostly cloudy to full on rain or snow. I’m still going up every day that isn’t raining. Many days not getting any power. I missed my first meeting today for not being able to plug in, but it worked out okay, I think for my explaining my situation. It was a[…] Keep reading →

Americans are so addicted, they can’t see our unbalanced their “balance” is

on January 19, 2024 in Addiction, Perception, Relationships

Every time someone tells me they balance their behavior regarding the environment, guaranteed the next thing they say will concern only themselves. They want to help the environment but they want to live their life too. They want not to pollute but they can’t afford not to fly. They want to eat less meat but they want to stay healthy. For one thing, most of what they say doesn’t make[…] Keep reading →

Bonhoeffer’s last Christmas Letter

on December 25, 2023 in Freedom, Relationships

We live in a culture that hurts innocent people by the tens of millions every year, a number that’s growing, and we claim we can’t do anything about it. We want to see our families flying-distance away. The only way to love and be with someone is not to fly when we know it displaces people from their homes, making them refugees, and poisoning their air, land, and water. Struggling[…] Keep reading →

Jane O’Sullivan videos on population and overpopulation

on December 7, 2023 in Nature, Relationships

Jane has been a guest on the podcast. I’ve been catching up on research on population and overpopulation and wanted to compile her videos for future reference. I recommend watching them.

Speed reading bedtime stories to your kids: Some things don’t benefit from making more efficient

on June 30, 2023 in Freedom, Nature, Relationships

We thoughtlessly value efficiency and chase it places it doesn’t make sense. I call it Speed reading bedtime stories to your kids. It makes sense: if you read your kids bedtime stories faster, you can move on to other things. Or rather, it obviously doesn’t. Yet we do it with takeout food, doof, packaging, social media instead of spending time with people in person, flying around the world when there’s[…] Keep reading →

I want to give up every day. That’s the value of acting in service of innocent people suffering. What motivates more?

on June 14, 2023 in Leadership, Nature, Relationships

A colleague wrote about how she used to act more but now feels like giving up. I responded What you wrote reminds me of how I feel nearly every day. I can’t say I feel the same as you, but I know the numbers and projections. I see the overwhelming majority of humans not acting — an even greater majority of Americans. Many revel in not trying. Many of those[…] Keep reading →

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