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My silly names for fruits and vegetable when I chop them

on March 29, 2023 in Habits, Humor

I’m taking a break from sustainability leadership and my other usual topics to share something I’ve started sharing more lately. For some reason, while chopping fruits and vegetables, I’ve starting coming up with my own fun names for them. I’ve generally held back from sharing silly things that might make me feel embarrassed or ashamed. Some things, though seem to prompt people sharing back silly things of theirs or finding[…] Keep reading →

I last flew today in 2016. Starting year 7 free from most people’s greatest way of hurting innocent people.

on March 23, 2023 in Freedom, Habits, Nature

I love traveling, exchanging culture, visiting family, and exploring nature, which is why I will never fly again. It destroys all those things. In flying as with any addiction, people addicted experience the addiction as warm, supportive, loving, like family. You tell me what you fear losing when ending an addiction and I’ll tell you exactly what you’ll gain more of. When you stop flying, you’ll experience more traveling, exchanging[…] Keep reading →

Charging on the roof with snow

on March 2, 2023 in Habits

Just a short post with a couple pictures of charging on the roof with snow. February hit the 60s F a few times, but got cold again. A little cold won’t keep me from charging or force me to draw from a polluting grid, at least not at home with over nine months of practice.

Just finished another three-day water-only fast.

on February 27, 2023 in Fitness, Habits,

Years ago someone told me the first meal after a three-day water-only fast tastes life-changingly good. I’d heard of fasting then, but 1) didn’t think much of it and 2) thought humans would die after a couple days, even with water. But he didn’t seem like he was lying and I liked the idea of a life-changing experience that cost no time or money, rather would save them. In May[…] Keep reading →

Freedom exists in structure; it’s not chaos, randomness, or luck. Here’s my structure and freedom.

on February 25, 2023 in Choosing/Decision-Making, Fitness, Freedom, Habits, SIDCHAs

Freedom exists in structure. It’s not chaos, randomness, or luck. When I find something works in my life, I make it automatic. For many people, diet and exercise seem horror shows, or mysteries, wondering what they should do, how often, how much, and so on. When the most important bases of my life are automatic, I don’t have to think about them. I can focus on everything else. People might[…] Keep reading →

Do I get bored of my diet? What I ate in the last 24 hours.

on February 18, 2023 in Fitness, Habits, Nature

I once read that most people think their diet is more varied than they think. We fall back on what we like more often than we think. As a corollary, we tend to see others’ diets as less varied. (I couldn’t find the research on diet variety, but Most people think their diet is healthier than it is: U.S. adults commonly overestimate the quality of their diet, study shows, which[…] Keep reading →

I don’t eat with screens on

on February 13, 2023 in Addiction, Habits, SIDCHAs, Tips

I forget it I posted this sidcha, though it’s not that challenging, at least not any more, though it was when I started it in January 2022. At first kicking the addiction was hard. Maybe it’s more of a habit. It’s not a restriction though it may seem that way if you haven’t lived it. The sidcha: I don’t eat when a screen is on. Or when I eat, I[…] Keep reading →

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