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The Food Coop I Grew Up With: Weaver’s Way in Mount Airy, Philadelphia

on September 15, 2023 in Habits

I posted pictures of food (and doof) I delivered as part of my volunteering yesterday. I visited Philadelphia recently, including the food coop that I grew up with my family shopping at, Weaver’s Way, in Mount Airy. I see the place as an institution. It certainly helped form my views on food, community, and community-owned-and-operated businesses, though I only came to realize its value as I moved to fresh, local[…] Keep reading →

Pictures of recent volunteer deliveries

on September 13, 2023 in Habits

A practice in the volunteering I do is to take a picture of what we deliver and post it to a message board. People thank each other and it makes everyone feel better. It builds community. I haven’t posted many pictures lately. I like just delivering the food and the thanks of the people who receive it. Still, the pictures end up on my phone. I usually delete them since[…] Keep reading →

Selected New Experiences, September 3, 2023

on September 3, 2023 in Fitness, Habits, Nature, SIDCHAs

I’ve been posting Sundays about the books and movies I finished that week. This week I didn’t finish any new books or movies, but I did a few new things. A New Vegetable for Me: Jicama I discovered a new vegetable this week, jicama: I’d never heard of the vegetable, but I saw a bunch of them in the food scrap bin when I dropped mine off. They looked like[…] Keep reading →

What I ate in the last 24 hours, August 2023

on August 25, 2023 in Fitness, Habits, Nature

In preparation for recording a second podcast episode with Dr. Michael Greger of, I tracked what I ate for 24 hours. I didn’t plan or do anything differently. I still have no fridge or power from the electric grid, nor do I cook with gas. I do use the pressure cooker powered by my solar panels. The last time I tracked twenty-four hours of ingredients was February, for comparison.[…] Keep reading →

Blood pressure normal, pulse: 51 bpm. Old man still got it.

on August 18, 2023 in Fitness, Habits

In May a nurse measured my pulse at 47 beats per minute and my blood pressure 122 over 73. Today one measured my pulse at 51 beats per minute and my blood pressure 107 over 68. I’d like my pulse lower, but the web says it’s still in athlete level. I’m glad to see my blood pressure normal. I’m not sure which is more important for health between pulse and[…] Keep reading →

Nonstop Rain Forecast. Avoiding Plugging In. Will I Make It a Week?

on June 22, 2023 in Habits, Nature

I last plugged anything into an outlet, even at NYU, April 29, as I wrote in Plug in again or work less?. That day was my second time plugging in since March 13, as I wrote in One month without even my “cheat” of plugging in at work. Then both batteries died. Today, one battery is dead, at the manufacturer to be fixed. I want to keep my streak of[…] Keep reading →

Tragic News About Flying

on June 21, 2023 in Addiction, Habits, Nature

Three recent headlines on flying, all tragic: You don’t need to read the articles. The headlines tell you all you need to know, especially when you know that when a headline asks a question, the answer is no. In this case, the third article recounts research clarifying that flying will never be carbon neutral. My comments, responding to that question: Not only is there no sign it will be carbon[…] Keep reading →

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