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My Cell Phone Battery and Time Use

on February 19, 2024 in Habits, Visualization

I joke that my favorite phone app is airplane mode, but I like it. Still, my phone’s hot spot is my only internet connection at home, so I’m using it now, but I’ll put it on airplane mode after posting. I looked up how to take a screen shot and took shots of my battery and time use for the past ten days. I think they were usual days so[…] Keep reading →

Volunteering recognition from 1993

on February 16, 2024 in Education, Habits, Stories

I’ve been writing about volunteering. Then last month I found this certificate for distinguished service in college in 1993 cleaning out my father’s basement and had to share the story behind it. A church near Columbia on 114th Street and Broadway served a soup kitchen. I volunteered there every Friday. I just went on my own. Partly I consider activities like it as civic duty. Also I find it rewarding.[…] Keep reading →

*Sigh* More Christmas Pagan Trees being thrown away. Wasn’t a month of trashing them enough?

on January 26, 2024 in Habits, Nature

How’s this Christmas Pagan Tree next to a portable toilet? What better way to show you love your messiah and savior than putting the remembrance of his birth by a box of shit? . . . or we could leave the trees in the ground and celebrate with life instead of death. More than a month since Christmas isn’t enough time for all the trees to be trashed, there are[…] Keep reading →

Year 14, day 2 posting here daily

on January 24, 2024 in Habits, SIDCHAs

Since my friend’s fateful words when he set up my blog here when I asked, how often do you post and he said: Every day. If you miss one day you can miss two. If you miss two it’s all over. I’ve posted every day since January 22, 2011. It became my first sidcha and helped me establish the concept. It’s easier to write every day than to worry about[…] Keep reading →

More Christmas Pagan Trees in the gutter and garbage.

on January 20, 2024 in Habits, Nature, Visualization

Each tree in the gutter or trashed tells another story of entitlement and disregard of our natural world and fellow humans. Who needs trees anyway? Why not cut them down and ship them to landfills? More:

More shameful-looking trashed Christmas pagan trees. It’s only January 10, so likely more to come.

on January 10, 2024 in Habits, Nature, Visualization

Why do people pay to chop down so many trees for pagan-based rituals? I mean, I know the answer is tradition, even if the tradition is opposite to what they purport to believe, but when will their consciences kick in, or their intelligence or compassion? I have nothing against any of the religions involved, Christianity, paganism, capitalism, patriotism, etc, but I have a lot for sustaining an environment that can[…] Keep reading →

See videos of my low-waste cooking workshop at Drew Gardens

on January 4, 2024 in Habits

I’ve shared about my annual cooking workshops in Drew Gardens. Last time people recorded videos. Recording was impromptu, so I didn’t bring a good microphone, so sorry the sound isn’t great, but you can see something of the experience. Some students from Fordham University were making documentaries of Drew Gardens as a class project and I ended up in them:

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