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Year 3, day 2 on this one load of trash

on December 26, 2021 in Freedom, Habits, Nature

I last emptied my trash on December 25, 2019. My current load is close to full, though if I squeeze it, it compresses. That is, it doesn’t weigh much. I consider it too much so I hope to impose less waste on future generations next time. I’ll wait until at least January 1 to empty it so I can say I didn’t empty a load in two consecutive calendar years.[…] Keep reading →

Decade two, day 1: I reached the ground with my heels on downward dog for the first time in my life.

on December 22, 2021 in Exercises, Fitness, Habits

An auspicious beginning to my second decade of my calisthenics sidcha: my heels reached the ground in one of my stretches, the downward dog. I did yoga regularly for a few years before starting burpees. Yoga means a lot of downward dogs. In all those years, my heels never touched the ground while doing them. At best I reached something like this: This morning my heels reached the ground. I[…] Keep reading →

Ten years (3,652 consecutive days)

on December 21, 2021 in Awareness, Choosing/Decision-Making, Fitness, Freedom, Habits, SIDCHAs

I just finished my second set today of twice-daily burpee-based calisthenics. Normally, I do my second set in the evening, but since I started the habit on December 22, 2011 and today is December 21, 2021, today completes my first decade. I already finished my first decade of publishing blog posts, nearing 5,000. Here are all of them. 20 percent of the time has been on a single load of[…] Keep reading →

My brief conversation with someone smoking crack by Washington Square Park, next door to Babbo, with a twist at the end.

on November 13, 2021 in Habits, Nonjudgment, Stories

This morning as I walked to Washington Square Park to pick up litter, then to drop off my food scraps for compost in Union Square, I saw someone on the steps of a brownstone, curled up, fiddling with something. I’d seen that look before, of someone concealing doing drugs. Sometimes they pull their shirt or jacket over their heads. When not that many people are around, they just do the[…] Keep reading →

Scrubbing the floor regularly

on November 2, 2021 in Habits, Nonjudgment, SIDCHAs

Someone suggested I learn about a writer named Pico Iyer. In an interview I listened to he talked about the musician Leonard Cohen, who apparently spent time living as a monk. Cohen’s practice, according to Iyer, included scrubbing the floor. The practice doesn’t sound glamorous. You can hire someone to do it. Why bother if you can afford not to? The movie Amazing Grace, about William Wilberforce, showed John Newton[…] Keep reading →

Vegans who fly?

on October 12, 2021 in Habits, Nature

As a vegan who also doesn’t fly, having seen the suffering to humans, animals, and other life flying causes, I don’t understand how vegans who say they are for ethical reasons don’t apply it to their flying. Stopping flying was just like stopping meat and animal products. I thought it would be impossible and a sacrifice. I’d learned others did it so tried. In less time than I expected, I[…] Keep reading →

Why you shouldn’t live sustainably (not really): Coming clean about my shameful sponge

on September 4, 2021 in Habits, Leadership, Nature, Nonjudgment, Visualization

Every time I look at my floor sponge I think, “it’s beyond the end of its life. Time to get rid of it.” Below are pictures of the front and back. It’s in tatters. But look at the third picture. It still cleans the floor. Why get rid of something that works? I’ve cleaned my floor every fifth day without fail for about five years, maybe more. I do it[…] Keep reading →

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