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Trying to lead on sustainability with trying to live sustainably is like trying to play piano without practicing

on September 28, 2022 in Art, Leadership, Nature

For context, I’m talking about myself before my sustainability experiments as much as anyone. I’ve concluded that someone trying to lead people to live sustainably when they haven’t seriously tried themselves doesn’t know the joys, physical challenges, (more importantly) emotional challenges, social challenges (people create more challenges than you’d expect), hopes, discoveries, and so on. I see them like someone reading a book on music theory trying to teach piano,[…] Keep reading →

My 32-Year Relationship With The New Yorker Magazine

on September 25, 2022 in Art

As a kid growing up, I avoided reading the New Yorker. My dad subscribed to it, so I figured I wouldn’t like it. Now I consider its writing some of the best around. Over the summer, I picked up this framed poster of an iconic New Yorker cover from a neighbor getting rid of it. My opinion started changing in 1990, my year in Paris, when two things happened. First,[…] Keep reading →

When did humans’ main interaction with Earth become seen as wrecking it?

on June 18, 2022 in Art, Nature

At an art show recently, I was looking at a painting that caught my eye and attention. It was of a beach or shallow ocean, viewed underwater so you could see the waves from below, with the sun filtered and refracted through it, echoing the waviness of the sea floor. Here’s a similar piece by the artist, though online doesn’t match the beauty in person: As I looked at it,[…] Keep reading →

Where I grew up, “a national model of racial integration”: Mount Airy, Philadelphia

on March 22, 2022 in Art, Education, Stories

I found an article in the Philadelphia Encyclopedia about Mount Airy, where I grew up, “a national model of racial integration, ” created through generations of conscious, deliberate work by residents, against opposing trends the article describes below, including white realtors trying to redline and black leaders trying to protect “blackness.” My mom, dad, and stepfather participated in several institutions promoting Mount Airy’s values mentioned in the article, especially West[…] Keep reading →

Finished book number three proposal

on March 15, 2022 in Art, Creativity

About a year ago I started writing the first draft of my next book. If you count earlier iterations that only led to refining the outline and restarting, I probably started six months earlier, not that I kept track. I had finished my first draft a few months later, spring 2021. I knew when I started writing my second non-self-published book, Initiative, that I would write my next book on[…] Keep reading →

My first kombucha tastes off-the-charts delicious!

on March 13, 2022 in Art, Creativity

I’ve never cared much one way or the other about kombucha. I’ve tasted it once or twice, but it comes packaged, so I avoid it. I’ve been making vinegar for a while from apples and water, sometimes adding sugar, since I have some a neighbor left when he moved. The vinegar tastes delicious and has resulted in a bunch of the yeast and bacteria cultures that grow as I pass[…] Keep reading →

I bought my first non-food thing since Thanksgiving yesterday

on February 19, 2022 in Art, Nature

On November 25, Thanksgiving, I posted Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day. Make it Buy Nothing Season. Give the gift of your presence and attention. Most Americans consider the next day Black Friday, a day to buy things. I consider it Buy Nothing Day, a day to buy nothing. I ended up buying something Thanksgiving, which prompted me to consider going for longer than one day and try to make it[…] Keep reading →

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